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MLM-True Support Takes You By The Hand.

Posted Date: Dec 8th, 2008 11:05 | Hits: 641

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True support in MLM takes you by the hand and leads you through every step of this business.  You have to have something that gives you actual experience in real time and allow you to get good at it.

That is what I had to learn the hard way.

I joined this company and that company thinking "wow!  These guys are at the top of their game...I will follow them anywhere!"  Come to find out, they were not in a 5-Pillar company and the upline was nowhere to be found.  To come crashing down after all the hype is nauseating!

How can you make it in Network Marketing when you don't know where to go?  I don't know if you are like me, but I joined and was then left to be hung out and dried. 

Where was the support?  Where was the guidance?  Where was the Coaching, Mentoring?  What about building relationships?  I felt like I was bothering my upline when I would call and try to get an answer to a question I had.

You have to buy into this and buy into that with a company and then spend another $100 (you fill in the number) and where does that leave you?  Then, on top of all that, you are left to find your own way through the Network Marketing maze.

I feel fortunate that I found help before I got too scarred up.  Network Marketing actually has two sides to it and now that I know what they are, I feel very fortunate and can now build my business the correct way.



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Member's comment

glnagy  Dec 9th, 2008
Dianne: Exactly. Network Marketing is mentoring, coaching and building relationships. Your direct S
Yes, a lot of them also use HIGH-PRESSURE-HYPE-BLOATED-FEAR-MONGERING tactics too!

On the other hand, some do work really well just on products sales alone, and then there are those who focus strongly on working relationships(and only sign people up who are actually ready), creating true win-win situations.

Coach Gia  Dec 9th, 2008
Great article thanks for sharing Dianne.

MLM is old school marketing:

I believe that this site APSense 2.0 is and will continue to be an example of what network marketing should be and I am glad to be a part of this social network.

Let's continue to be professionals, and keep this site clean!

Happy networking,


pplcheryl63  Dec 9th, 2008
SansSecret: Okay, Id just like to play devils advocate if I may. (or even if I may not? lol) Im the first ...
I think it's more a case of understanding that Marketing involves more than just "selling".

I know many people involved in network marketing and MLM that are selling. There's a difference. Selling is very difficult to duplicate, being a salesman takes a gift (or curse depending on if you are the seller or sellee!) Selling involves convincing someone that they want or need something even when the don't believe it. Often involving high pressure tactics.

Marketing is a much "gentler" process basically more pointing out an need and showing how you can fill it. It's much easier to market than to sell but it still takes training on how to do it.

SansSecret  Dec 9th, 2008
Okay, I'd just like to play devil's advocate if I may. (or even if I may not? lol)

I'm the first one to stand up and shout for the importance of building relationships. Figured this out pretty early on and I would stand up and defend it to anyone. But ...

it's still marketing. Isn't it? If not, what is the purpose?

Thoughts anyone?

Dianne  Dec 9th, 2008
glnagy: Wow....mlm marketing, network marketing...relationship marketing. (?) Network marketing should d

Network Marketing is mentoring, coaching and building relationships.

Your direct Sales Marketing company is your products/company.

When blended correctly you have a win-win situation. Unfortunately, a lot of Direct Sales Marketing companies leave out the Network Marketing portion.

Thanks for your comment!

Jenny Wudtke  Dec 8th, 2008
T- Together
E- Everyone

Isn't that the truth! There is no other way in my book! Great Article!

Your Friend For Life,
Jenny Wudtke

glnagy  Dec 8th, 2008
Wow....mlm marketing, network marketing...relationship marketing. (?)

Network marketing should definitely not get confused with mlm. Networking marketing is pure networking and connection building. Usually you end up doing some kind of business with people you have a good working relationship with.

MLM is a business model. And moronic marketing is what most fearly-motivated people do when they dive into the world of MLM or other work from home business programs. :)

Doniel  Dec 8th, 2008
Hey the keys are in the realationship with a person, for starters, I learn this the hardway, instead of trying to hardsell em...... This is where our industry is going... instead of networkmarketing it's goint to be called

realationship marketing...

Dianne  Dec 8th, 2008
Wincer Song: Several yrs ago, MLM program made few people fortune. Most people just transferred their money to
This is true Wincer...Building Relationships, Mentoring and Coaching is the other very important side of Network Marketing.

pplcheryl63  Dec 8th, 2008
Yes it does take you by the hand, but a good leader still must know when to turn a recruit over to another mentor. Having good solid relationships is critical!

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