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Are you Duplicating or Dominating?

Posted Date: Dec 7th, 2008 18:43 | Hits: 591

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One of the basic components of any good MLM company is the power of duplication.  In order to be successful your team members must be able to duplicate what you do.  But there is a tendency on the part of many MLM'ers to misunderstand this system.  They think duplicate means dominate.

What do I mean by that? The associate gets this idea in their mind that their team must be carbon-copy clones of themselves.  This is not only improbable but impossible.  It will also be the main reason for failure on the part of most of your team members, and you are the one that set them up to fail!

First you must understand that although you have a team, each member is an individual.  Different personalities, different goals different strengths and weaknesses.  You may be a powerhouse recruiter, but it is unreasonable to expect every member of your team to be powerhouse recruiters.  You may have members that want nothing to do with recruiting and simply want to do direct sales.  When you try to force them to recruit you are dominating. You are taking them away from what is natural and comfortable for them, and forcing them into a role that does not fit.

The first thing any good MLM'er should do is to find out the facets of your company.  Find out the different ways there are to work that business and learn who are the leaders in each area.  The second thing you want to do is find out where you fit into the company.  Learn everything you can about the company from that angle so you can become one of the leaders.  You want to have your area of focus, but you also want to have enough knowledge to recognize the characteristics of the leaders in the other areas.

When you recruit someone to your business, one of the first things you want to do is to find out something about them.  Have a very frank discussion with them about why they joined, what they enjoy and where they see the opportunity taking them.   This "interview" is not about you and how you work your business, but about them and how you can help them work the business to the best advantage for them.  You may find they have absolutely no desire at all to follow in your footsteps.  If this is the case you as their sponsor have the responsibility to help them find their path.

You may need to help them find a mentor in the business that better suits their needs than you do.  This is the choke point for many.  They refuse to "let go" and instead begin to try to remake that new team member in their own image.  When you do this that team member will sooner or later drop out of sight and you will have lost the member and any benefits that member could bring to your team.  The smart recruiter will find that team member a mentor more in line with what that team member wants.

Why will the smart recruiter choose this path? Two reasons. Number one, that individual will be happier, more involved and therefore more productive working the business from their own strengths. Number two, that individual will become a leader in another facet of the business.  As the recruiter's team grows that recruiter will have put together a diverse team made up of members who can work all areas of the business within that team. 

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Member's comment

pplcheryl63  Dec 10th, 2008
That would depend on what your product or service is if it is beneficial and if it is a one time only or an ongoing benefit. Do you think Coke will stop marketing soda simply because they have saturated the market.

If what you are marketing is worthwhile, saturation will be a benefit

Jenny Wudtke  Dec 8th, 2008
Excellant Article Cheryl! I feel this is crucial.... A Proven Duplicatable System is Essential and it needs to work for everyone! I agree, a system with a group of like-minded people surrounding you and supporting you, mentoring and walking with you is the way it should be!

Your Friend For Life,
Jenny Wudtke

pplcheryl63  Dec 8th, 2008
Yes the system should be duplicated, not the person. I'm not a recruiter, I don't turn a new associate away but I'm not out there recruiting. I work Identity theft and group business. You don't know how many times an associate has found my name on line and called me because they are not getting anywhere.

I had one just recently tell me that their sponsor completely shut them down when they mentioned going to school to get the group certification. When they mentioned going to our advanced product training they were shut down. The sponsor shut their recruit down on everything except show them a magazine or brochure and recruit them.

Instead of supporting this new associate in finding somewhere in the system they could be comfortable and productive, they "forced" this woman to recruit. When she called me she was just wondering what her options were. We talked for a long time,and she went to an APT.

Her sponsor started telling her that she was not "coachable" Because she went to a training designed to help her learn her product. She has since dropped due to her sponsor not helping her find her niche and trying to prevent her from finding her niche simply because her niche was not his niche.

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