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No Lack here!

Posted Date: Dec 7th, 2008 11:28 | Hits: 666

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  • Paul W. Murphy
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Hello Friends!

Think of it, over 150,000 new people coming into the industry each day! 98% of them will fail...

That means about 147,000 PEOPLE, who haven't reached their dreams.  What can responsible sponsors do to reverse this trend?  Remember, if someone has a bad experience with network marketing, they will in turn, network to 25 others about their bad experience!

 No wonder there is so much scepticism about this industry, who in there right mind would participate in something that offers that kind of success ratio?  Who do they know who's really made it big in Network Marketing?  Better to stay home and watch "Family Guy".

Become a leader by association.  Mastermind with the best minds the industry has to offer.  Learn, use, and teach a proven system, then lead by example.  Learn to use the tools and the new technologies.

Build the relationships and the team and become a 2% er!  Learn and teach the skills that today's Network Marketers need to know to succeed!

Find a niche that your associate is happy doing, and duplicate the things that work! Find a REAL COMPANY  that won't abandon you, or feed you to the lions!

Thorough investigation and critical thinking will be the foundation your business will thrive on. Build it to last a lifetime, and it will, and then some!


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Member's comment

Bjantiques  Dec 29th, 2008
my first reply was prompted by your Comment
quote"Also they think about all the money they have invested in buy a product they wouldn't normally use if it wasn't for the income that was promised.

It wan NOT directed at you personally but as a response to your comment.

It has nothing to do with what you are promoting as advertising in the topics area is not permitted it is for gerneral discussion, and as far as I see that is what is taking place in this thread a GENERAL discussion.

I will also add that if you are going to take part in discussions you need to learn to read whats written not what you think is written and also grow a thikker skin.

I take is very personal when someone openly accusses me of making personal attacks on them when even a half blind person reading the comment I was responding to would see that I had picked up on selling/promoting something they would not normally use just to make a buck.

Rest assured If I have ANY question about your honesty I will openly state it.
At this time I dont know you and there for my opinion about your honesty / integrity are neutral.

pplcheryl63  Dec 29th, 2008
He did not refer to you, he made a comment in reply to yours which you are taking personally. There is no need to take things personally or see a comment made in reply to yours as a personal attack.

Since most people do not snobbily use the royal "one" when replying, when someone replies and says "you should" or "you would" most people understand that it is a generality. And in the context of a generality it fits the discussion and also speaks exactly to it.

Do not look for personal attacks where none exists, no one has missed anything here.

pplcheryl63  Dec 29th, 2008
I think Bj's comment has quite a bit to do with the discussion. The product is ultimately the foundation of any opportunity. Without the product you don't have an opportunity.

If you are in a true legal MLM you do not get paid for signing members to your downline, you get paid on the product sales you make. And I don't care what opportunity you are in you'd better have people out side of your downline purchasing your product or you don't get paid, it's that simple.

So If you ultimately have to sell your product to people outside of that downline, How are you going to convince them it's going to be a benefit to them if you yourself don't understand and believe in it?

Bjantiques  Dec 29th, 2008
It is my opinion that if you are trying to sell a product that you would not use if it were not for the money to be made then you have perfect formula for failure.

How are you ever going to convince others to use something that you are not using because of its quality and usefulness to you personally?

Kareema  Dec 24th, 2008
I say find someone who really knows the business and who is willing to teach you the ropes...literally! That way, you have a chance for success!
Someone's who's honest, but is not a guru!

Your everyday Joe who has made it and is teaching you to do the same! Knowledge, determination, and preparation, preparation, and more preparation will help you in your quest for long-term success in this business!

Jenny Wudtke  Dec 8th, 2008
It saddens me to see what is going on around me in the industry today..... This is our dream, our purpose and plan. We need to treat it as such and do some serious critical thinking because our life and the lives of our children and their children depend on it! I am not messing around!

Your Friend For Life,
Jenny Wudtke

Daniela Riess  Dec 7th, 2008
The critical thinkers circle...
It's so easy to do and yet so many of us refuse to participate...
Still don't know why, I guess it must be some form of self sabotage.

I appreciate you,
Daniela riess

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