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Google Wants Us All To Be Friends

Posted Date: Dec 4th, 2008 17:34 | Hits: 701
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Google is going all out to encourage the use of social networking and to learn how people actually use the Internet to find what they are looking for. As I mentioned in my previous article on Google Changes, the use of SEO should be focused more on providing quality, interesting, human centred content, than on catering to the search engines.

As such Google has  recently launched a 'friend connect' gadget to encourage people to use websites more socially. Although in Beta at the moment, it's worth pointing out that if Google is encouraging us all to become more social, if she is actively looking to use what she finds in the social networks in the published search results, then this is something you had better take notice of if you want your site to continue to rank well in the search engines.

I'd be interested to know what others think of this new shift towards social ranking as opposed to site ranking. From a non techie, I think it can only be good news.


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Member's comment

SansSecret  Dec 6th, 2008
Bjantiques: Hi San yes our story is a perfect example of Social networking in action. I am thinking (yea
Google's inclusion of social media information in the search results is only going to get bigger. And a lot of marketers are not very happy at having their SEO optimised websites blown off the first page to be replaced by the latest YouTube video.

But as home business owners, we either go with this, or we get left out. Those wanting their content, their product, their opportunity, to be placed in front of searchers will have to learn how to use social networking correctly.

As for the folks who don't want mass attention? They won't be bothered if their information never makes it to the first page of google. But they can still share it with their friends and family. They can still use the 'friend connect' to create their own social network even if that network only consists of family and friends.

And how that network interacts with each other and with others, will be dissected by Google to determine if the information is worth sharing.

Scary isn't it?

Bjantiques  Dec 6th, 2008
SansSecret: But how do they want to share that information Bj? And the last thing that people should be doing is
Hi San

yes our story is a perfect example of Social networking in action.

I am thinking (yea i know makes my head hurt and is dangerous lol) about those that are totally not into the internet as the members of SN's are, but get pleasure out of passing their time by having a little blog where they write about their life and hobby with no thought of mass attention.

SansSecret  Dec 6th, 2008
Bjantiques: The one problem I see is that Google is getting more and more of a dictator in deciding what we
But how do they want to share that information Bj? And the last thing that people should be doing is joining all the social networks. Using social media correctly is about only joining those networks that are related to what you are interested in, and where you are going to be active.

The great thing about social networking is that it gives newbies a distinct advantage because they don't need to know all the intricacies of SEO. All they have to do is use social networking correctly.

As for Google being a dictator, maybe she is, but then so are all search engines. Right now, google is determined to include content from social networks in the search results and why not?

That is where people are hanging out, if they are looking for stuff, they are more likely to ask one of their friends in their social networks than ask Google. Espeically when they are ready to buy!

You and I are the perfect example of social networkig in action petal. Where did we meet? Right here at Apsense.

Where did I go when I wanted a hosting company that I could trust? LCW.

Did you try and sell me on LCW? No.

Do I spread the word and recommend LCW to others? Yes.

Social networking in action.

Bjantiques  Dec 6th, 2008
The one problem I see is that Google is getting more and more of a dictator in deciding what we can and cant find.

This new move could hurt some people that are producing High quality material but are not marketers, they are hobbyists, who dont have a clue about SEO, anre not interested in joining all the SN's, are not interested in being marketers. They just want to share their information with others.

By the sound of things this will make it almost impossible for them to get found.

Any thoughts on this ?

SansSecret  Dec 5th, 2008
The great thing about social networking is that you don't need any degrees. Sure there are some ways to socially network that are more advanced than others, but for the majority of people just starting out, be aware that your 'social rank' is going to start having a major impact on your rankings.

Google is just trying to encourage the spread of good, new, quality information so that she has more to offer to searchers.

Cynthia and James  Dec 5th, 2008
very interesting hope it gets where you don't have to have three degrees to understand what is going on

Alicia Bozza  Dec 4th, 2008
Sounds great! Thanks for the info!
Alicia Bozza

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