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Don't get suckered... or be another Fish to Fry!

Posted Date: Dec 4th, 2008 13:35 | Hits: 532
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Hello Friends!

  Another fool called me this morning to get me to join his gifting program. Did some critical thinking and I'm not buying! Here's how it works, now stop for a minute and think...

  Just put your name on the paper and draw a circle around it, only costs $3500 cash only please! Now put Joe's name below  yours and circle it. Joe buys in for $3500 and wow, you made $3500 already! Just what could you and your family do with $3500? (You just broke even!)

  It might cost at least that much to bond you out of JAIL for FRUAD, but it gets better!

  It's like fishing in a stock pond he says. We'll supply you with a list of sucker fish, I mean leads, and you just make the calls, put them suckers on the phone and they listen to the recorded sizzle call (fish in the fry pan), and boom, you landed another one! Next thing you know your a millionaire!

  It's so simple and easy to do, and don't worry, it's not MLM!

  By the way he says, most people will go ahead and borrow the $3500, but in case you can't get Uncle Joe to cough up, you might be able to sucker him into loaning you only $500! You see, we want to make this business easy for anyone!

  Don't forget, cashier's check or money orders only please (that way the credit card companies can't go after them!) Now lets get busy and do some serious fishing!

  Thank goodness I learned about this kind of scam through the free mentoring program, free trainings, and free live one on one coaching. Maybe I just saved someone $3500 and a all expense paid trip to the annual convention at the CROSS BAR HOTEL!

  If your in business, you must know your business inside and out. You may spend months or years working a program like this, until it all comes tumbling down... Imagine, being help liable for all that money you collected before you get caught.... Opps, sorry your honor, but I didn't know! Clickkk~

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Member's comment

Daniela Riess  Dec 5th, 2008

If you have to pay for it then it is not a gift!

These operations are regularly shut down and the owners and top gifters prosecuted. Join only if you want your integrity and common sense questioned and if you have some money to burn...

I appreciate you,
Daniela Riess

helpfprmlm  Dec 4th, 2008
i think Barnum said "there is a sucker borne every minute.

Doniel  Dec 4th, 2008
Man I know friend of mine got duped for 4,000 thousand dollars...I told him it was a scam...he didn't listen, the guy that took his money changed phone numbers, addresses and everything... I enede tracking him down 6 months later through some other resources of mine, and I helped my googd friend get part of his money back...

were still chasing this slime ball, and thats been 9months ago, great ARTICLE buddy, were all family here and have to help all of our members out...
Thanks for your story...

Alicia Bozza  Dec 4th, 2008
Thanks for the clarification about how this scam works.
Alicia Bozza

pplcheryl63  Dec 4th, 2008
Not only do I feel you on this one I'm with you. You would think this would be extinct by now but there is always someone underhanded enough to sell this pipe dream to the unwary. These sellers make it look good they refer you to the tax code and tell you it is legal. They even have a call out where someone "called the IRS" to question them about it.

I know it sounds good that the IRS says that cash gifting under a certain amount is legal. But take the time to look farther and you will see this specifically is set up to cover cash gifting between friends and family. Cash gifting as a business is illegal period. The IRS does not determine what is or is not legal. According to the IRS the only thing you have to do to stay off their radar is give Uncle Sam his cut of your profits and it does not matter where those profits come from.

Using the logic of these lowlife scammers we should just all go out and become criminals since everything would be legal according to the same logic that they use to justify cash gifting. Pushing drugs on the street corner? just make sure you give Uncle Sam his due. Murder for hire make sure that you send that 33% in to the IRS and you are good. But Johnny Law will still be busting down your door to haul you off to the hoosegow.

These schemes depend on the greed of the participants, nothing more.

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