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Collard greens, chitlins and a lesson in the easy sell!

Posted Date: Dec 3rd, 2008 12:24 | Hits: 792
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Every so often a marketer gets an easy sell, someone hwo is already sold on your product, it should be a snap to get the sale right?  So why is it that one marketer will get that sale even after several others with the same product did not?  The ones who don't get the sale figure its a cakewalk and fail to "read" their prospect.

Remember it's not about the product it's about you.  If you don't read that prospect correctly, your easy sell can quickly turn into a "not right now" or a "maybe later".  I had an appointmant last evening that was one of these easy sells.  It could have gone south very quick but I read my prospect correctly.

Associate #1 is the female half of the couple's cousin.  Associate #1 has since dropped out of the business and referred her cousin to me.  However this should have been Associate #1's easy sell.  This was family and wanted to get the product for a while.  Associate number #1 lost out because she did not take the time to sit down with the couple and show them the product. 

Along comes Associate #2, a good family friend who actually worked on the couple for a while.  Again this associate did not take then time to sit down and show them the product so they lost out. Finally along comes Associate #3, yours truly.  I already had figured out where the other two associates went wrong from my conversation with the woman.  So at 7:30 last night, I was calling them from a convenience store to get directions to their home.  At this point I discovered just how much they really wanted this product as the male half drove a couple of miles to the store to meet me and lead me to the house.

So I'm thinking they are ready let me whip out the pen and paperwork.  No not quite.  This couple practices that old time deep south idea of hospitality.  You come in and sit at the kitchen table, since you are at the table, you eat.  She had cooked up a mess of chitlins and collard greens.  Some of you know what chitilns are already, for those who don't they are pig intestines.  Don't turn up your nose, what do you think was originally used for sausage casings?.  Anyway having grown up in the country and actually liking chitlins she did not have to twist my arm.  However because of the idea of hospitality that they hold, food and fellowship comes before money and business.  We spent a half an hour ejoying our food and making small talk.  Followed by an easy sell.

Had I been all about business and getting them signed and getting out of there, chances are good my easy sell would have gone out the window when I offered them offense by refusing to break bread with them, refusing to treat them like people.  I took the time to follow their lead and understand what they wanted.

Now I have happy customer on my hands.  One that was very pleased that I took the time to sit down with them and show them the product, One that knows I will take the time with my prospects and customers. One that will not hesitate to recommend me to others.

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Member's comment

pplcheryl63  Dec 4th, 2008
Doniel: I to have the gift, but my gift is not transferable/duplicatible. So I actually will take associates
Exactly an the thing those folks will remember is that you took the time to treat them like people, when someone else needs what you can offer, it's you that will come to mind.

Doniel  Dec 4th, 2008
I to have the gift, but my gift is not transferable/duplicatible. So I actually will take associates out with me to some of my appointments, not all. So they can see a master at his best. But you hit this topic directly in the nose. Sit with your prospects.

I remeber about 6 months I went to enroll a customer for the service, and they were in the pool when I got there. The wife invitited me to join them for a swim, I'm like o no, I can't do that I don't have any shorts,I thought I was out that one... Then the husband comes from behind me and says hey here you go, I got you some shorts. Now you relax, and come swim with the family. There were probally about 6 people in this pool.
So I jump into the pool and swam my butt off, just to get that sell. I mean they were about 30 minutes away from me. So I wasn't going home empty handed. So can you say swim your way to the top!!! lol just to make a sell.....

pplcheryl63  Dec 3rd, 2008
The thing is knowing what your prospect wants, and how to react. In this case they wanted the personal friendly touch. It's rare to find nowadays. I use a small credit union for my banking rather than a large "bank" The reason? The tellers know me by name. I'm not just a number. You have to make your prospect feel like they are not just a number.

pplcheryl63  Dec 3rd, 2008
Bjantiques: Out of curiosity Cheryl. What would be the game plan if someone served up something that you
That's when you thank them kindly and and come up with a white lie like the old "food" allergy. Which really isn't a lie when you think about it since it is going to make you sick!

After all I know people who gag at thought of chitlins! There's something wrong with folks that don't like chitlins! (just ask my sister)

Folks like that will always have something on hand as an alternative even if it is coffee and cake. Now if you are going to the home of someone whose you already know is a bad cook stop By the local McDonald's etc and buy an extra large drink, Than you can believable tell them that you just ate but please go ahead , don't let me stop you. You can join in with the small talk (Just make sure your stomach is not rumbling like an out of tune diesel engine!

Bjantiques  Dec 3rd, 2008
Out of curiosity Cheryl.

What would be the game plan if someone served up something that you really do not like to the extent it would turn your stomach to even look at or smell, and would have you heaving and retching at the slightest taste of it?

PS this IS a serious question.

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