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Sorry...Wrong Teleconference

Posted Date: Dec 2nd, 2008 15:31 | Hits: 651
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Teleconference calls are some of the best and worst ways to train in the industry.  They are one of the most widely used methods to stay in touch with your company, upline and sponsors.  

When you are on your companies Teleconference call do they give you information to get excited about?   In other words, can you use the information they give you to realistically grow your business?  Or are those conference calls ONLY about edifying the leaders that are big money earners in the company?  If you leave the call wondering where the practical information was that you can use to build your business, your company doesn't build leaders.  

If you find yourself week after week on your companies Teleconference calls wanting to fall asleep, get on anti-depression meds, or saying, "Who cares", your company does NOT build leaders.

On the other hand if you get off the Teleconference call (after it went over an hour and you didn't even glance at the clock) saying,"WOW" and burning up your computer to put the information you gained from the call to work, your company builds leaders.  If your upline gets the same information the downline does?  Your company build leaders. If your companies top money earners walk you through their personal success and the exact steps on how they got where they are.  Your company builds leaders on top of leaders, on top of leaders.  This type of company gives new meaning to "Duplicatable".
If you had to make a choice which company call would you want to be on.  Are you calling the right Teleconference number?  Get a definite plan to back your desires.  

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Member's comment

BrendanDalley  Dec 3rd, 2008
Thank you for spreading the word. I get so sick of the hype and the you're gonna be a millionaire tomorrow bs. Give me something I can use and that will actually help. Give me something I can work with, not something that blows smoke up my ................

Lead On,
Brendan Dalley

Doniel  Dec 3rd, 2008
The conference calls has gotten everyones attention here in appsense...I totally agree with you, on this one. I'll hang up the phone if I'm not getting something out the call. I don't wanna here what a person made last week,especially when I have a group of my own personally people,on the call.

I wanna here the nuts and bolts, screws of building. Am I missing some new technique,or newer method of increasing revunues ect ect. If I do get on a call it's really to benefit my new person anyway so they can here hopefully a worthy speaker to get knowledge, or get some other goodies outta the call...

I can go an on about this one, but I won't , great article...

Alicia Bozza  Dec 2nd, 2008
Right on James! You are right about the conference calls and their effectiveness. Thanks for the great point!

Bjantiques  Dec 2nd, 2008
I have to say I really dislike conference calls that are nothing more than hype and BS.

I may upset a few people when I say this but here goes.
It seems to me that the majority of American organized calls are full of expressions like
"I am really excited about ...."
"I just cant believe ...."
"I am so excited to be on this call because..."

What a load of crap!

You can hear it in the speakers voice that its all put on showmanship trying to put over that something is more than it really is.

If I go on a call I want to know facts and figures.
If some new element has been added what is the bottom line?
What is it going to do for the members?

Daniela Riess  Dec 2nd, 2008
Been there done that!
So many useless conferences I've spent my time on.
Never learned anything but how much money the guys at the top made last week...

I appreciate you,
Daniela Riess

Dianne  Dec 2nd, 2008
Great Article James! I could not have said it any better. I have not got time to waste on a rah-rah call where they build up the "big Boys." thanks!

pplcheryl63  Dec 2nd, 2008
I love the fact that you address this issue. Many conference calls are nothing more than an atta boy pow wow. If you aren't learning anything why waste your time.

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