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What gets me mad

Posted Date: Dec 2nd, 2008 12:24 | Hits: 508
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I recently had a phone call from someone who wanted to get into my primary MLM business.  When I first spoke to her, she was very interested in the opportunity and wanted more information and what she could do to get in.

Now grant it, I qualified her first to make sure this was right for her.  She seemed excited, had the right attitude for this type of business.  However, when I went to call her things changed.  She now was not interested in the business.  I must admit I was shocked how someone who seemed to display so much interest could suddenly not be interested.

She told me that there were a few things that she did not like about the business.  She went on to explain that she went onto google to search our company, and did not like what she saw.  At this point I did not try to convince her, what she thought is what she thought, and there would be nothing I could say to change her mind.

Now I am not upset that she did not join my business, what I am upset about is that she allowed some unverified sources to stop her from doing something beneficial in her life.  She understood the business and knew that it could change her life if she tried.  However a few bad things on google, changed her perspective.

I think it is sad, that first of all, there are people out there who just like to bash every MLM opportunity in the world.  What I find sadder is that there are people who will take someones word on a company, that first of all they did not even talk to personally. 

It is unfortunate that MLM has such a bad name because I already know of a few people that have let naysayers get in the way of their dreams. 

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pplcheryl63  Dec 2nd, 2008
"A true mentor, coach, or so called guru would facilitate the education of the student, without agenda, and let the student do their own homework, then help them if they had questions."

Which is where the problem with all of these guru systems come's into play. They are guaranteeing success in every program. But they are not experienced in every program. They don't have a clue, so how can they give someone else a clue? Therefore a lot of those folks signing up for these can't fail systems are doing just that, failing. But since they are under the impression that success is guaranteed you end up with serious sour grapes. Not against the clueless guru who was guaranteeing them success in a program that guru has never spent one minute in, but against the program itself.

A program that probably has a training system in place if it is worth it's salt, but a system that was totally ignored in favor of some guru approved "one size fits all, every opportunity is a clone of the next one, don't learn your business" system.

It is human nature to believe the worst. It is human nature to spread the word about the worst. Every one of those failures is shouting it from the top of the highest mountain, and the average person hears it loud and clear and it influences what they think when you share your opportunity. They are already convinced what you have is a scam.

Alex Wrobel  Dec 2nd, 2008
Sonya Smith: I

Its sad but most people only care to look at the negative rather than all the positive.

Sonya Smith  Dec 2nd, 2008
I've had this happen to me. I had a woman contact me and ask why we had an unfavorable rating with the BBB. I was shocked, because when I joined, we had ZERO complaints. I checked it out to see what she was talking about. There was ONE complaint, regarding a policy that the person didn't agree with. The thing was, the policy was clearly stated when you sign up, it's in all the TOS, it's everywhere on the webpages, regarding the time frame to ask for a refund. The complainer signed up anyway, regardless, and then when he decided he didn't like it, well after the time frame ended, and didn't get his refund, he complained, and since we don't pay the BBB for their service, we now have an unfavorable rating. Thousands of satisfied members, one complaint that is obviously not our company's fault, and they didn't even care to really read the reason why, and used it to color their perception of a great company that provides a valuable service. Yet other businesses that do pay the BBB, and have hundreds of complaints a year, that aren't resolved to the customer's satisfaction, get favorable ratings because they are a paid member, and no one questions it. Crazy.

All you can do is move on. If they don't do their due diligence, and really pay attention to what they are reading, do you really want them as a business partner anyway?

pplcheryl63  Dec 2nd, 2008
We can blame this on those scam MLM companies out there. There are legitimate companies that are MLM business models but the first thing someone thinks is "Scam du jour" rather than say Avon.

There's another thing that does not help either but anyone involved in some gooroo system is not going to want to hear it. What The Scam du jours started, the gurus are making worse. All this hype about uplines lying to their teams, you are destined to fail if you don't follow what we say etc, etc ad nauseum.

Avon is a highly successful MLM company and they have been around and successful since before most of these gooroos with their "systems" were even born. Yet the gurus use a marketing technique to further their own "systems" which is designed to undermine every MLM based company out there.

Just put in any company even close to being an MLM in google and guess what you get tons of links to this system that system and the premise of all this advertising is that you will fail without somebody's "system".
But by following these "systems" everyone will succeed at MLM, which is a flat out lie. Everyone has the potential to succeed but not everyone will. Most people are not cut out for MLM, they don't have the discipline to be their own boss.

When they fail they run around the internet and anywhere else they can find calling the opportunity a scam because they failed. Since the gooroo said that their system is guaranteed to work with every opportunity, the opportunity that person failed at must be a scam. Yet many of these "scams" have survived and continue to survive producing highly successful distributors who have never so much as heard of these gooroo's and their systems!

However the gooroo's continue to flood the net with all of this negatively based advertising which sucks in these new or desperate distributors and before you know it someone else is accusing a good opportunity of being a scam. When a prospect does their due diligence, guess what they find? And then the MLM'er who is trying to build a business loses a prospect. It has happened to all of us at some point.

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