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Are You Thinking Like a Prospect?

Posted Date: Dec 1st, 2008 10:49 | Hits: 632
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 Are you leading your presentation with the product?
This is my story. It might make you a lot of money or it may not :

A couple years back I was a distributor in one of the biggest MLM companies with a great wellness product line.
I suffer from Multiple Sclerosis so after trying their product for a few months the difference in my walking was so noticeable that my neighbours started asking me what I was doing different.
That company was all about the product and how great it was. Most of the training was product...ingredients...product...ingredients again...
My mentor would say ''green leprechauns were harvesting that product every other full moon night'' ...that's how special it was...

I started telling my neighbours how great the patented product was, what the ingredients were, how ''unique'' it was, how many double-blinded study trials the company did, the full history of the doctor that ''discovered'' the main ingredient, how many years it took to come up with that perfect formula etc...
I'm sure for some of you that sounds oh so familiar...


I even said to them proudly that in order to find one of the ingredients, a bunch of scientists had to go on the bottom of the ocean and collect a very rare to find algae, otherwise the product would not work that well.
And...I found time to even mention that the company was publicly traded and that it reached a billion dollars in sales... Oh, and that the owner had four kids...
You get the idea...

I thought everybody on my street will buy that product from me after that wonderful and almost complete presentation.
I said almost because just when I was getting warmed up, to my surprise they all had to go...
And guess what ? All they said was : ''WOW! Amazing!''
Then it came my favorite one of all : ''Good for you!...''
I can't count how many times I heard that ''good for you'' thing in the next few months.
And guess what? Nobody bought my product. I was sure that somebody will... After all, I was a walking testimonial and a product expert.

That reminds me of a great book called: "If My Product's So Great, How Come I Can't Sell It?" by Kim Klaver.

So this was my short story...
Most companies have great products, they would not be in business if they did not.
Leading with the product will not work and you don't need to be a product expert. There is a great thing out there called Google for all the prospects interested in detailed ingredients studies.
In this business what we need to become is professional pointers. That is what's duplicatable.

And below is a great quiz for you. The key question is :
Are you thinking like a prospect?

What do prospects consider most important in deciding on a company?
Rate the items yourself, from 1 to 10, most important to least important,
from a prospects point of view:

-Company literature shown
-Marketing plan and potential earnings
-Training provided
-Who gave the presentation
-Product line
-Company management experience
-Up-line support
-company image
-sales kit provided
-being first in your area

Tom Big Al Schreiter is the mastermind behind this quiz.
How did you do?

I appreciate you,
Daniela Riess



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Member's comment

skycom  Dec 8th, 2010
The main reason you didnt sell those people nothing was not becuase you didnt do a good presentation but simply becuase you tried to sell the products and not the benefits of the products. It the benefits the people want not the products.
Simply but they want wants in it for me!

Doniel  Dec 1st, 2008
Great Article on that issue, I'm pretty sure everyone here can realate to that. My approach is diffrent.. Or maybe it isn't.... I do a lot of marketing on line and off line...Trying to sale something these really so tuff...especially if the person doesn't know who you are...I tried that approach with my company's product and comp plan deal....No luck.... So now I focus on what the person needs are...I have an Article coming up and it will explain allot about what I'm talking about....great article

Alicia Bozza  Dec 1st, 2008
Great thought process! It makes me think! Thanks for the mental jog.

pplcheryl63  Dec 1st, 2008
We have a saying "Facts tell, stories sell" With my products there is no end to the stories available however I'm much more apt to just strike up a casual conversation about identity theft or legal issues. I will get to know a prospect first, that way it gives me an idea of what that prospects individual needs are.

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