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Application for Certification Honor

Posted Date: Nov 30th, 2008 14:13 | Hits: 2054
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You may have noticed that many members are now "certified".  The members who have received the honor have not only met the basic requirements, but also shown by their involvement that they are active contributing members of the community.

Many more members do not have the honor and need to apply for it, here is what you must do.

1. Have a properly completed profile

You need to have your about me section completed with information about you, not your business opportunity.  You should not have links leading to business opportunities or referral sites in the about me section.  That is information that needs to be placed in the haves section.  Also you must have a photo or appropriate avatar uploaded to your profile.

2. You must read The Definition of Spam posting and agree to it along with the other site policies.  By applying for certifification honor, you are giving your acknowledgement and agreement to these policies.

3. You must show quality activity on the site, comments, reading and voting topics, joining and interacting with groups.  NOTE: copy and paste PLR articles added word for word from another site is not considered quality.

Also the honor can be removed from members who spam the site, post duplicate content or violate the TOS.

To apply, please insure that you have met the minimum requirements and and post a request here.  The Administation Team will review your profile and activity, if you have met the minimum requirements the honor will be awarded to you.

 If you have not read the definition of spam posting, you cannot be certified.  Please read and follow all steps before applying


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Member's comment

Bjantiques  Mar 27th, 2009
It seems that members are not bothering to follow the instructions in this post yet expect to be given certification.

It only takes us 10 seconds to verify if an applicant has carried out the basic requirement of READING the "Definition of SPAM" post or not.

There is absolutely no excuse for not doing so as it is hot linked in the post.
No certification will be given to anyone that can not follow this simple requirement.

pplcheryl63  Dec 8th, 2008
Question marks will not be accepted period. You must have an appropriate photo or avatar uploaded to your profile. You must also fill out your "About Me" section of the profile with information about YOU, not your business.

These two things will cause your application to be immediately rejected until they are corrected and you notify us of the correction.

Please be sure that these things are done and that you have read the Spam definition before you apply.

pplcheryl63  Oct 26th, 2010
oldbuddy: I would like to submit my application to be certified. I am an old member here, but have been inacti
Yes you have been a member here for a while And the certification will be granted. However please keep in mind that this is now a no marketing site. The marketing content is being removed starting with groups. If you have a group you may want to check it and make sure that there is no marketing content.

oldbuddy  Oct 26th, 2010
I would like to submit my application to be certified. I am an old member here, but have been inactive for a while. I went to submit a Topic and learned I need to be certified, so here I am.

Affiliate Money  Oct 24th, 2010
I am requesting certification here. I have read the introductory topics including the definition of spam and my profile is updated (with more to come)

pplcheryl63  Oct 16th, 2010
Gopakumar R: I hope I have fulfilled the basic requirements and I promise to abide by the guidelines. I request y
Gopakumar. You have been very vigilant in keeping an eye out for your fellow members here and over in 1.0 . 2.0 is going through some changes we are switching over to a social only format. BJ and I have a lot of work to do in overhauling the site including an overhaul of the honors system.

Certification is going to end up being a thing of the past. We just ask that everyone have a little patience with us. We are doing step one right now which is clearing out the groups. We have to remove all marketing content there first.

Gopakumar R  Oct 16th, 2010
I hope I have fulfilled the basic requirements and I promise to abide by the guidelines. I request you to consider my application for a certified member.
Thank you.

anil8  Sep 18th, 2010
I am Anil waiting for the approval of my apsense account. I read and understood what is a spam writing. Hoping too be accepted

Gilberto Cintron  Sep 9th, 2010
Bjantiques: you certainly like to exaggerate dont you you requested on Mar 27th, 2009 and you joined on Mar.
Bj thanks for "certifying" me and also for pointing out my "exaggeration" I was not trying to exaggerate I made an honest mistake. Never the less, thanks.

pplcheryl63  Sep 5th, 2010
Gilberto Cintron: Ok, so I applied for certification way back in 2008. Have not yet heard or seen a reply to my reques
Yes it is on. I see that you have followed all the steps. One of the things that has hindered people in the past and my be why it was not given earlier is either not reading the required posts or unacceptable profiles. That may have been the hold up. But as of today everything is fine

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