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Your Compensation in MLM

Posted Date: Nov 30th, 2008 10:32 | Hits: 589
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Hey Gang,

With today's mentality, most people are looking for that "Get Rich Quick" Scheme and are doing so without realizing that MLM is the opposite of that.

Sure we all want the toys, wealth and lifestyle that the network marketing industry displays so well, but what few tend to realize is that MLM is not a

Money making system, it's a wealth building system and takes time and effort to put together. Your compensation in MLM is in direct proportion to

The amount of time you put into it.

As a Marketer, you can have the best product in the world but if you have no clue on how to market it, you are dead in the MLM industry. There are

Many business opportunities out there so choosing the right home based business that is right for you is tricky. You need to find a team to become a

Part of that has a proven system for success. A team that stands on principles you can sell out to. A team that will stand behind you all the way and

Who has already had success in the industry and can mentor and coach you to the same success levels they have achieved.


Your compensation will come from building a downline that produces volume. That's it. Volume = income. Yes you will have to learn how to sell and

Learn how to lead as well. Network Marketing Companies put together their product lines with one thing in mind, to move that product. They do so

By having teams in place which educate its distributers to move that product one of a few ways.

  1. Retailing the product
  2. Becoming your own best customer

Its hard for people in the MLM industry to realize that yes, you can make money by just using your own product. Yes you will get a bonus for doing so.

If you owned a Walmart, would you buy from Winn Dixie? Nope, you would support your own store and get paid from it. Its called being a pro-sumer.

That's a whole different lesson which we wont get into today.

If you want to be compensated in MLM, you need to learn how to be your own best customer and recruit and lead others to do the same, period.


Keep the Hammer Down,


Joshua Boxer

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Member's comment

jboxer  Dec 1st, 2008
BrendanDalley: I would like to second your comments and add to it. Making money is a system and there are many syst
Amen to that brother. Less is better. A strong group of 300 that learns how to produce volume is way more powerful than a group of a 1000 lollygaggers who are just product users with mom and dad supporting their product lines.

The question is, "Would you sponsor 100 of you and be able to retire?"

Cynthia and James  Nov 30th, 2008
I have to agree with Brendan on this one I would rather have a down line of 300 verses the 3000. If you want to read a horror story on this matter go and read the article I published called From MO Money to NO Money. It is a true article of my pervious upline.

Alex Wrobel  Nov 30th, 2008
Very True, Network marketing is not a get rich quick scheme. Like anything else that is worth it, it takes time.

BrendanDalley  Nov 30th, 2008
I would like to second your comments and add to it. Making money is a system and there are many systems out there to use in Network Marketing. From my experience, it's more important to have a good system in place, than I product I am in love with. Almost all companies have good products and will appeal to a large number of people, but having a good system is what will get you results. Would you rather have a downline of 2,000 or 300 to make 10K a month residual income?

Lead On,
Brendan Dalley

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