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Member Honors Updates

Posted Date: Nov 30th, 2008 09:18 | Hits: 4404
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One of the new upgrades to the site is the addition of honors for members. 

Certified Member

This is the first honor introduced for our members.  In order to be Certified, you must:

Have a properly completed profile and read and agree to all site policies.  We will be updating this post to tell you how you can get this honor once it is in place.

There will be more information on this honor coming up soon!  Also check back for new honors as they are introduced.

Certified Member Privileges

Being a certified member gives you certain privileges:

Post Topics

Add Photos

Share Website

Create Plug-in

Create Poll

These privileges are limited to Certified Members only.  All other functions are available to all members.  If you have not been certified please read the Definition of Spam Posting then go to the Apply for Certification thread and make sure you follow the instructions provided there.  Your application will be reviewed.

NOTE: Being certified is not "permanant"  Certification can be withdrawn for the following offenses

Spamming the site

Failure to follow site guidelines

Or being a part of a "voting ring"

If it looks like members are forming into a voting ring the admins will review the voting habits of the suspected members, if it is determined that a voting ring does exist all members of that group will lose their certification.  A voting ring is any group of members that consisently votes only on topics submitted by the members of the suspected ring and not the topics of other members.


If for some reason there is an issue that needs to be addressed you will receive a system e-mail explaining what you need to do to qualify for the honor.  If you have met the minimum requirements the honor will be awarded immediately upon review.


December 12, 2008

Top Ten Member Honor

There is a new honor that is coming up the week of December 21st to 27 you will see a new honor called Top Ten Member.  This Honor is going to be limited to folks who are really the cream of the APSEnse Crop!  This honor will be awarded on a month to month basis. You must qualify each month to maintain it.  To give you the basics of what it takes to qualify for consideration

1. You must be among the top 10% of members

2. You must be certified

3. Your level must be at least expert

4. If you meet those qualifications you will be considered for the award. 

At this point it comes down to the quality of your contributions to the site.  Your Profile must be completely filled out including haves and wants.  Single sentence responses and random key strokes will disqualify you.

The quality of your posts will be taken into consideration.  Posts must be original content, copy pasted articles from other sites (Even if they are your own) will not be considered. Marketplace posts and group subject posts will not count, only article posts.  Please do not take this to mean you should post group posts under articles continue to use your groups.

Last thing to be taken into consideration is your activity. 

There are minimum requirements in place that will be used to determine who gets the honor.  The honor will be given to each member that meets the requirements.  As long as you meet the first three requirements and are active on the site and involved in being a quality member, you should qualify.


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Member's comment

pplcheryl63  Dec 12th, 2008
Please note that we have a new honor coming up just in time for Christmas. We will be introducing the Top Ten Member honor the week of December 21st. For all the good APSense members they will be getting a surprise stocking stuffer!

pplcheryl63  Dec 3rd, 2008
Please note that there is an addition to the Members Honors Update. Please read the additions which can cause you to lose your Certification Honor

Tanveer Hussain Baba  Feb 7th, 2012
Ok. thanks for guidnce.

Bjantiques  Dec 15th, 2010
skycom: @pplcheryl63 My profile is complete if something is missing place inform me on what it is that is mi
If you can not follow a couple of simple steps then how are you going to follow the rules???

pplcheryl63  Dec 10th, 2010
skycom: @pplcheryl63 My profile is complete if something is missing place inform me on what it is that is mi
You must request certification. This is clearly stated along with the link to the thread set up for requests to be posted.

skycom  Dec 10th, 2010
@pplcheryl63 My profile is complete if something is missing place inform me on what it is that is missing for my profile that's keeping me from being certified.

pplcheryl63  Dec 9th, 2010
skycom: I been should have been certified
Certification is not automatic. You have not properly requested certification

skycom  Dec 8th, 2010
I been should have been certified

Gopakumar R  Oct 15th, 2010
Thanks for the clear guidelines.

vasu  Oct 7th, 2010
I remember

You have to log into the site first

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