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Prospecting Leads – Four Platinum Rules for Success

Posted Date: Nov 29th, 2008 07:29 | Hits: 455
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 Hey Gang,

I remember how I was when I first got started in business about 5 years back.

I thought people wouldn't get in my business because I had not had any success yet. I had no clue how to prospect the leads I was generating.

Through trial and error I drudged through my business, not understanding duplication, edification or anything of the sort.

My business coach was smart. He never let me self destruct, he guided me as well as let me fail a bunch. He taught me some valuable lessons in business, some of which I don't wish to discuss.

However, he did teach me the Four Platinum rules for success:

  1. When Prospecting Leads, always use posture when talking to your leads. You have to have a back bone with people as the moment you lose control and stop asking the questions, they start prospecting you. You want to be confident but not cocky, stern but not stiff. Use some people skills that you have been studying in books like "How to win friends and influence people."
  2. When Prospecting Leads, use 3rd party tools like CD's, Your Upline, a three way call with one of the other leaders on your team, a DVD lifestyle video of some of the big dogs in your business, etc. I like to use my upline personally. He is a seven figure earner so I edify him and in return, when I introduce him to my prospect, he puts the edification back on me (powerful).
  3. Always practice having a PMA (Positive Mental Attitude). Keep your energy level high, smile, and don't be afraid to crack a joke once in a while.
  4. You Should be on a consistent reading program. Folks, leaders are readers and if you ever expect to be one, you have to study them. Some of the best minds of our time have written phenomenal books on their rise to success.

The path has been paved, so put down the shovel as you not only have a back hoe, but an earthmover.

Follow these steps when prospecting your leads and you are sure to succeed.

To your success,

Joshua Boxer


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