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From MO Money To NO Money

Posted Date: Nov 28th, 2008 16:56 | Hits: 606
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Comp plans; every company has them. Some are designed for the top guys to make the money. Some are designed to let the middleman make enough money so you think you can make it to the top. But the closer you get to the top the more you have to do to stay there. Nobody will ever tell you these things until you get there. It is a secret they keep from you, and for a good reason. They know the average person can’t survive on just what you are making from your down line. They also know that if you do very well you will as they say, “Pass them up”. When that happens they lose all the income that you have been producing for them.
So why do they want to tell you how to sponsor more people? In reality they want you to sponsor enough people to get to a certain point where it gets too hard for you to qualify for YOUR commission check. If you can’t qualify it rolls up to them. I call that theft! Isn’t that a nice way to help your down line. Normally when that happens you get angry and just quit. Well guess what you just gave your up line a few new people to work. Yes your down line just passed to your up line. Then the process starts all over again.

Well I am not sure about the rest of you but in the last company I worked with my executive director had 3500 people in his down line and was only making $80,000 a year. At the time I left that company his strongest leg was about to pass him. When that takes place his 3500 people down line becomes a 1500 people down line. What do you think happens to his check? Your right, it goes from $80,000 a year to $20,000 a year. He has put 5 years into building this down line and now he has to start all over because the company he works with can’t spell MLM.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I would rather work for a company that where you had a down line of 500 or less and I could retire with that. I want to build my team, build it once, and never have to worry about being passed up and having to start from scratch. Isn’t it better to build it right the first time than having to rebuild your business to get to retirement? Does your company measure up?
Cynthia and James Johnson

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Member's comment

Daniela Riess  Nov 30th, 2008
You described so well one of the worst compensation plan types.
A good comp plan should pay based on volume, that way everybody gets paid...
Bjantiques is so right : the first two levels are extremely important because the majority of people never get below that.
Great lesson, Cynthia and James!

I appreciate you,
Daniela Riess

Alex Wrobel  Nov 30th, 2008
WOW. I really never looked at it that way. Great Post.

Doniel  Nov 29th, 2008
Wow you blew me away with that one.... I mean you here about those things all the time, but dang. Now that's something to get very augly about..You work hard for years and now your whole downline dissapears.

You know this sounds like a company I know,I won't say it...You see thats why it's really important to build realationships first,forget about building up your company.....People want you 1st, don't give em the company or some bogus comp plan. My 2cents

Juanita  Nov 29th, 2008
I have seen this happen. So please know what is going on in this industry.
The Big Change is here for MLM.
Your Friend for lIfe Juanita Waterman

digitalstar  Nov 29th, 2008
Theoretically MLM is very good but when it comes to practicality it is a big failure as importance of earnings dominates products.

Bjantiques  Nov 28th, 2008
I have been saying it for years MLM is designed to fail.
This is why I will not look at anything that is more than 2 levels.

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