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Online Business Press Release Writing Tips And Ideas

Posted Date: Nov 27th, 2008 20:04 | Hits: 563
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Press releases are one of the most cost-effective ways to
get promotion for your online business. Many entrepreneurs
ignore this type of promotion because they don't know how
to write a press release. It's important to promote your online
business with press releases because of the media all over the
internet. The following is a list of some common press
release writing tips:
- your press release should sound like news, not an ad
- you should only send your press release to the media
related to the topic of your press release
- keep your press release one page in length
- your header, contact information and release date should
be at the top of your press release
- use short sentences and double space in between
- your header and first few sentences should capture the
readers attention
- you should tell a story and briefly mention your business,
product or service in the body of the press release
- proofread your press release many times. Look for
grammar and spelling mistakes.
Another reason entrepreneurs ignore promoting their online
business with press releases is because they don't know
what's newsworthy. Here are 16 online business press
release ideas:
- new products or services you're offering on your web site.
- the results of an online survey or poll you've completed
- a virtual trade show or seminar you're hosting.
- a free chat room class you're teaching
- your opening of a new web site
- an online award your business or web site has won
- a free e-mail newsletter you're publishing
- new online products or services you're giving away
- an online business association or club you're starting
- a famous person that's endorsing your business
- a major joint venture you're doing with another business
- a new book or e-book you wrote
- an expert or celebrity who's speaking in your chat room
- a fundraising event you're doing at your web site
- a new contest or sweepstakes you're having at your site
- major sponsorships you're doing online
You can get other press release writing tips and ideas by
reading other businesses press releases, reading how to
publications, talking to experts and visiting other media
web sites. I hope this article persuades and helps you to

promote your business through press releases.

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