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Using Private Label Rights products

Posted Date: Nov 26th, 2008 18:44 | Hits: 531
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What are  "Private Lable Rights" Products?

"Private Label Rights" or "PLR" products as they are also referred to, are probably the most flexible of resell rights products since they generally allow you to customize, edit and put your name on the product if you so choose.

"Private Label Rights" products, come with a raw source material that you can use to produce a finished item, and are at the top of many people’s lists of profitable, easy-to-sell products.

The creators of these products offer private label resell rights to the purchaser, either in standard form or unrestricted form.

The standard type of "PLR" rights allows you to customize and edit the "Private Label Rights" product in any way you wish so that you may then either resell or give away the finished product as your own work.
However, with the standard "PLR" rights, you do not have the authorization to pass the Private rights to the product itself on to a third party.

With Unrestricted "PLR" rights, you are authorized to do anything you want with the "Private Label Rights" product including passing on the "PLR" rights to the product itself, and you can do this either for free or at a price you set.

Note that these are only guidelines and we strongly suggest that you always check the rights that are supplied with each product, as some creators are more specific on what you can and cant do with the "Private Label Rights" products they supply.

How Should I use "Private Label Rights" products?

There are numerous ways in which you can use "Private Label Rights" products to help you make money on the Internet and you are only limited by your imagination. Below are a few examples of how most people are currently using "Private Label Rights" products in their business.

Create your own e-Book by gathering a selection of articles about a specific subject, and then make changes to the articles and put them all together to create a new e-book. You can then Sell or give this e-book away as your product, produced by you.

Ezines. You could use a set of articles or even take an e-book and split it up into a set of articles and then publish each article in your Ezine to give it a continuity that will keep the reader interested and looking forward to the next issue of your Ezine.

The same principle of creating a periodical online Ezine can also be applied to produce Adsense Content pages, newsletters or auto responder messages.

Article submission sites.
With Article submission sites you must be very careful to make a lot of changes and rewrite the articles in your own words. The reason for this is that the article submission sites do check for duplicate content and will not publish something if it is the same as something previously published. Your article must be significantly different so just changing a few words here and there will not get your article accepted by the article publishing sites.

What you should NOT do with "Private Label Rights" products.

Although there is nothing to stop you  using the "Private Label Rights" products exactly as you received them this is definitly a BAD idea.

You should always:-
- rewrite some of the content into your own words.
- Change around the order in which things are presented.
- Do some  mix and match work take some information from one article and combining it with parts of other articles.

The reason for this is that most people are down right lazy and will not do this, so you will find the exact same article on many sites. the result is the reader searching for information will find this "BORING" and mentally flag the site as one not to bother with as it has no originality only blatant copy and paste content.

By putting some effort into making some changes  your post although giving the same information  will present it differently  and  the reader will mentally flag your posts as being different  even though the basic message is the same as the one they saw repeated on other sites that they have flaged as not worth bothering with.

There is also the very strong chance that the Search Engines will not even bother to list your duplicate copy and paste version of the article.

The Guru's tell you  "Content is king"
This is a bare faced lie! They want you to use copy and paste with no changes so that their original use of an article gets listed and yours does not.

Remember  "Unique Content is King" so make an effort  and  make changes to the "Private Label Rights" products BEFORE you post them.



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Member's comment

Bjantiques  Nov 28th, 2008
pplcheryl63: It is a shame that we have that going on around here. I personally wish we could take the college v
yes a little searching on google showed me that the latest articles have been sold since July 2004 and that they have been published on thousands of sites.

So I think it safe to conclude those publishing now are defiantly about 4 years behind the times.

pplcheryl63  Nov 28th, 2008
It is a shame that we have that going on around here. I personally wish we could take the college view of plagerism is plagerism, even if you have the rights, it's not your own work.

But then again it IS duplicate content even if it is not duplicated here.

Bjantiques  Nov 28th, 2008
Its amazing. 24 hours after this post someone else goes and posts copy and past PLR articles that a quick search on Google shows dozens of results for.

pplcheryl63  Nov 27th, 2008
Wendy: I think we can probably all guess who you are referring to! lol. In fairness though I think many
One or two here and there yes that's alright, but this person has not made one original post in his entire time here. Every single article he has posted is a word for word rip-off of someone else. Hopefully he will see this and realize that he is not doing himself any favors

Wendy  Nov 27th, 2008
I think we can probably all guess who you are referring to! lol.

In fairness though I think many of us have probably made this same mistake in the past, I once built an entire site around plr articles and I was very disapointed when the search engines didnt seem to want to look at it!

Its a learning curve. and we should all learn as quickly as possible that if we want to be taken seriously either by other people or by search engines then we need to write our own original content.

There is nothing wrong with using a few articles to supply the necessary information and then taking the best bits out of each to re-write our own unique articles, but at the end of the day, the words must be your own not someone elses.

pplcheryl63  Nov 26th, 2008
Boring yes, and it also gives the impression of laziness, stupidity and plain old scamming. There are several of these type articles posted by a member here, articles which appear on other sites word for word. Verbatim.

I wonder if this member really believes the rest of us are so far behind the eight ball that we believe he is the great expert on every subject he has posted on? No the appearance is that you are running a scam on the other members. All anyone has to do to realize that this member is a fraud is to cut and paste the first couple of sentences of any of the various cut and paste articles he has posted to Google. And they will find those exact same articles posted elsewhere.

Personally I feel this is plagerism. Maybe the law doesn't say so but it's plagerism anyway. Go on to any college campus and buy the rights to someone else's thesis and submit it as your own. Even though you have bought the rights you will still be flunked for plagerism and lucky if you aren't kicked out of school.

Just because something is allowed, it does not make it right. I know you know exactly who you are too. You need to stop and take a good look at the impression you are making. No one is impressed and you are already marked by the members who regularly visit the site. A little free and well intentioned advice; as long as you are hiding behind cut and paste crap, you are not someone that inspires trust.

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