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Here is WHY I NO LONGER contact my downline

Posted Date: Nov 24th, 2008 13:24 | Hits: 624
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Hi ALL. First let me say that I am a rather unconventional type. I FINALLY 'cleaned house' and only have ONE site where I actually have a growing organization w/o me having to contact the 100's of DOPES I have in my organization. At first, I followed ALL the suggestions offered by the founder. NONE of the suggestions worked. I have a SLOW but GROWING organization, have been paid once already and due for payment again probably after the holiday season is over. You see, in the begining I would welcome new people, make myself available and so forth. But after ONE IDIOT created a cancerous growth in my ENTIRE network(admin would NOT allow me to dump the fool) I changed policies. My innocent welcome messages and other things(all abiding by the site's rules or TOS) ruselted in BOGUS SPAM complaints(admin even admitted the charges against me were bogus). My members blocked THEIR email addys and/or other ways to contact them. So NOW I NEVER BOTHER to CONTACT ANYONE ANYMORE!! Guess what??? During the time I was 'trying' to be a 'good' member, I was LOSING people. Since I have STOPPED ALL CONTACT, my network has grown and when they spend I EARN, and of course I EARN on my own shopping too. So NOW I have a site where I EARN on a regular basis and I NEVER have to deal with ANY IDIOTS!! Now this is MY kind of biz op. I am not going to plug what the site is or anything like that. I just wanted to share my story. Hopefully somebody will find this useful. I have GIVEN UP on all those 'marketing tips' and just let the thing run itself. So please don't try to make any 'marketing suggestions as I am NOT interested. If it ain't broken don't fix it.

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Here is WHY I NO LONGER contact my downline Nov 24th, 2008 13:24
Hi ALL. First let me say that I am a rather unconventional type. I FINALLY 'cleaned house' and only have ONE site where I actually have a growing organization w/o me having to contact the 100's of DOP...
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BigRocky99  Nov 25th, 2008
Hi and THANKS for all the comments. kaphoen, I LIKE the term 'sideline' THAT is MORE like it. I agree with your feelings on the matter. Learning to work WITH others is the key. I am not here to 'BOSS' anyone around as an UPLINE person. I HATE being BOSSED around. Treating others as Cheryl says is a way to keep a network thriving AND growing. Here is what I do Kevin, instead of posting or SPAMMING SN sites like this one, I use a different method. I ADVERTISE, ADVERTISE,ADVERTSIE DAILY. Since it is a shopping site. I go to where people are LOOKING to either BUY and/or RUN a shopping site. I use the classified area a LOT and I get interested people to SEE my FREE site and it goes from there. Here is the point: advertising is like the HEART of my method, the second I STOP advertising then my HEART stops and therefore my store DIES. It's just a different way of doing things. But ONE thing remains the same in doing any online or offline biz, EFFORT is REQUIRED. My effort just happens to be advertising. I have been involved in some sort of advertising for roughly 20 years or so, I am NO millionaire but know enough to keep some cash flow coming in. I can live with that and considering the economy I feel pretty good about that even if the numbers may not be great. My amounts keep growing, SLOW but steady. I am happy with that.

kaphoen  Nov 25th, 2008
For me it is the word "Downline" (which technically doesn't exist) that gets up my nose.

Being in someone's down line can make one feel, somehow, inferior - as if the person/people in the up line are all The Leaders and all anyone-else can do is follow.

I'd much rather work with people who want to work with me, more of a "Sideline", so to speak.

Kevin  Nov 24th, 2008
*evil grin* Marketing Tip: Keep doing what you're doing if it works. :)

pplcheryl63  Nov 24th, 2008
It's great that you have found a system that works, but it won't work with every opportunity. In some opportunities communication with your downline is vital. The thing I have learned is to spend my time with the productive coachable members of my downline and simply drip an occasional e-mail on the rest.

But then again my biz op has steps we can take when we get "bad" members in our downline and they take all reports seriously. There's too much we have to do in complying with different regulations. My biz op will dump an associate like that if they do something that jeopardizes the opportunity for others.

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