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Bloopers, bloopers everywhere

Posted Date: Nov 23rd, 2008 09:37 | Hits: 457
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One of my favorite TV shows growing up was Emergency! I just loved all the action and high drama.  Firemen and paramedics risking life and limb to save this episode's victims.  Then following along to see the emergency treatment in the ER.  It was great!

Now that I am older and wiser (and having worked as a medic, and dispatched for the fire department and ambulance The paramedics and ambulances were part of the Fire Department where I worked), I can spot bloopers a mile away.  When I was a kid and didn't know any better so I thought every bit of the show was right.  Now as I have been going back and watching the old episodes I see all sorts of bloopers.

Normally the big bloopers get editing out before the show airs, however little bloopers still slip through.  Things Like Paramedic Gage jumping behind the steering wheel and paramedic Desoto getting in the passenger side when the squad rolls out of the station house on an emergency call, when they arrive on scene Desoto is mysteriously driving.  Or the fact that the same traffic is sitting there at the intersection in the exact same pattern every time they drive by.  Even some of the hospital scenes are a bit flaky.

So what has this got to do with anything?  Your presentations, that's what.  Before a TV show like Emergency! get's put on the air, loads of work go into producing the finished product. The actors must learn their lines, the director and crew must secure locations, test the lighting and sound decide on the needed props and all before they even think about the actual filming.  Then the actual filming takes place.  They will shoot a scene over and over until the get it right, because this is where those big bloopers happen. Then there's the post filming work of cutting, editing and putting together the finished product.

Then that show hits the airwaves.  The average person is going tp be entertained by the show.  So what if the paramedic uses a needle for admistering drugs directly to a patient's heart to give a shot in the arm?  The average person doesn't know and the show doesn't make a big deal out of it.  They act like it's completely normal.

Now think about you presentations like a TV show.  You have to do your preproduction work. Get your script and learn your lines, secure your location and props.  Practice doing that presentation to catch the big bloopers and then when you are comfortable with that presentation, go over it to see if you should edit something.  Then air your show.  Go through that presentation with confidence.  You are the expert, your prospect won't know if you are using the wrong needle, they won't care if you are using the wrong needle.  All you have to do is get and keep their attention.  The only one who will know you had a blooper is you.

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