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How do you rate Twitter?

Posted Date: Nov 16th, 2008 21:02 | Hits: 539
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pplcheryl63  Dec 6th, 2008
I've become a Twit! While It is not really somewhere I will do much promoting Lot's of good tweets on news items go through there and occasionally I'll tweet something about my business as long as I'm giving information. I don't just throw links to my business out there like some. Nor do I post 10 tweets in 5 minutes which is just a lot of unnecessary junk in my opinion.

There are a few on there I consider spammers you see their faces 10 times on each page I don't even pay any attention to them anymore they are like white noise now. I'm more apt to pay attention to the person who tweets when they have something to say. Sad that some people will not shut up long enough to allow others to be heard/seen.

BrendanDalley  Dec 6th, 2008
Like all things, it's what you focus on to assist you. I use about 3 main tools for building my business and Twitter is not one of them although I network with many who just love it. I believe Twitter could be a great tool if it becomes a primary focus for you.

Alex Wrobel  Dec 6th, 2008
I don't know if it is just me. I really do not understand twitter much. Is it just basically to update your status a lot? How can you promote on twitter wtihout spamming?

I just do not see the benefits of twitter much.

Kevin  Nov 17th, 2008
I think its okay but as Garnet and I talked about in an earlier discussion I think its important to use twitter for the right reasons. Everyone should read profiles etc before just randomly following people. I was able to find lots of old friends and associates using this method and reconnect with them. They aren't spammers and everyone I follow is in my field and has similar interests as myself. :) If you randomly follow people just to get return follows then YOU yourself are creating the spam network. Just my 2 cents. :)

Wincer Song  Nov 17th, 2008
Twitter is going to be a free "SAFELIST".

glnagy  Nov 17th, 2008
Twitter is great for connecting with people, it's kinda like social networking on steriods once you get on to it. And yes, you still get spam-ish people on there too, just like virtually every other social media site on the net.

Pete Balasch Jr  Nov 17th, 2008
I think twitter is kind of going down hill twitter is now no follow links I have over 1,000 friends there and I hardly go there any more. A lot of spammers are using it also.

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