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Social Networking – The Next Generation

Posted Date: Nov 13th, 2008 09:47 | Hits: 699
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I discovered something really scary today!

There are a whole bunch of teenage internet users who have progressed from texting and chat rooms, through Facebook and My Space, on to Twitter and are now running their own really impressively successful blogs, web sites, and even businesses on the internet.

One blog which I have just been reading not only has some great articles about seo, list building, networking, google and many other topics. It has also been made even more fun and interesting because the writer (who is only 14) ran a really good SEO competition, with the challenge: “To get a blog post or page ranked higher than anyone else participating for the term “SEO SERPs” on Google within a week of publishing!”.

This particular lad also happens to run his own web design business, (serious competition for me!), but he is not the only one, there are lots of them out there now, doing many different things and starting at very young ages.

Some may say “it shouldn’t be allowed” because they are too young to enter into any legal contracts, which obviously means that their parents have to put their names on all the legal bits, such as hosting contracts, and Paypal  subscriptions etc, but I say “good luck to them!”.

What is really great to see is that they all seem to have one thing in common, they really recognise the benefits of social networking, and looking at some of their blogs etc they are very knowledgeable about all kinds of aspects of Internet Marketing and actually produce really helpful and informative articles which put most of the rest of us to shame.

Another great point is that as far as I am aware I have yet to be spammed by a 14 year old! They appear to be going about things the right way, starting with the social side, building networks with a very wide variety of people, learning just about all there is to know and then lastly starting their businesses which are bound to do great with all the knowledge and following they already have.

The reason I say this is scary is because I think in about the next 5 years or so, us “oldies” are really going to have to pull our socks up, or they are just going to take over!

I don’t even have a blog yet, and social networking sites in general are all very new to me, I think it is something I was a little scared of doing and so I avoided like the plague until very recently but now I am actually quite enjoying it. We should all take notice, and start brushing up on our own networking techniques or we are going to get left way behind!

The old methods of spamming everyone possible with your ads, working on the theory that “its a numbers game” get your ad in front of enough people and some of them will buy, just isn’t working anymore, and can land you in a whole heap of trouble.

Social Networking not only builds your relationships with like minded people, but also gets you noticed and if you can establish yourself as being someone who knows what they are talking about then others will be more likely to trust you and buy whatever it is that you are offering.

Even in the very short time that I have started to get involved in Social Networking, I can really see it working for me, I have already made some great new friends who I am both learning from and selling to.

 So let all embrace this new way of marketing........its much more fun than the old way anyhow!

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Member's comment

BigRocky99  Nov 14th, 2008
Great article. You may consider building your blog around this but there are probably millions of blogs on this subject. My suggestion: try and think of something NEW and CREATIVE and start off a blog that way. Just a suggestion.

SansSecret  Nov 14th, 2008
Tch, Tch. Wendy - no blog yet? Come on girl! lol

But you're right - I just commented on this fact yesterday on my own blog. The 'newbies' of today have a great head start on us 'oldies'. They've grown up with computers, probably used them before they could walk.

And these are the same kids who have built the social networks into what they are so they don't have to 'learn' social networking. They invented it! Lots of free information out there on how to go about it the right way so we have no excuse. Check out Charles Heflin - really knows his stuff.

pplcheryl63  Nov 13th, 2008
Slacker! even I have a blog or two! LOL!

Kevin  Nov 13th, 2008
Just goes to show ANYONE can do this stuff if they put their minds to it. You don't have a blog?? What's wrong with you Wendy? Get busy!! LOL

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