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The New Word of Mouth - Online Social Networking and Media

Posted Date: Nov 11th, 2008 17:10 | Hits: 518
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Things are getting faster, better and more profitable because of the new word of mouth.  Are you in the online social networking game?  Did you know that using APSense and other social network media can get people following you and eventually calling you?  Well it most certainly can.The key is being in the game.  What I mean is writing content that gets people to want to investigate what you are saying.  It amazes me that all over the internet in the various social networks I belong to that the the same people follow me from place to place.  I noticed this when I caught myself following certain people from network to network.

Social networking is more than just a fad.  It is a way of connecting and finding out about people who you might consider connecting with for whatever reason.  This is not just a youth thing.  This is a way of life thing.  We just witnessed the greatest social network campaign in the history of the United States in our recent elections.  Do you think that our President Elect's campaign team was just guessing things might just work out.  These folks knew exactly what they were doing and who they were targeting.

I want to tell you one thing.  Get good at social networking before it's too late.  As much as many of us here on APSense are happy with our ranking among ourselves, we have to realize there is a world who is just waiting to read what you have to say.  The key is knowing how to make your APSense content rain in the rest of the world you want to reach. 

Just watch how social media is growing at warp speed.  If you can write, write a lot. If you can talk, talk create an internet talk show.  If you like the camera, start adding video to your blog.  This stuff is changing the marketing game in a big way.  You might be saying, I do things the way I do it and that's it.  That's perfectly OK.  My point here is if you want to see word of mouth work well for you, take it to the next level.  Get people talking about you the way you want them to talk about you.

We are in an era of major change.  I mean major change!!!  Can you sense it?

Get in the game,

Ced Reynolds

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glnagy  Nov 11th, 2008
Hey Ced, Great little piece! Incidently, although I hate to admit it, video is probably an area that has become an absolute must...guess I'm gonna have to quit putting it off and crank some out soon!

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