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Should I buy leads?

Posted Date: Nov 9th, 2008 20:42 | Hits: 728
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I thought this would be a good topic.  I know people who do buy leads and well they are successful but the investment that they put in to get a return, well it just does not seem to be worth it to me.  In the past I have bought leads too and nothing really came of it.  It was a complete waste of time and money.

First let me say that the "leads" I bought were double opt in qualified leads.  Supposedly when you think about the implication, these leads should be money in the bank right?  After these leads have opted into being a lead twice and also someone has spoken to them about a home-based business (In the case of the ones I bought, specifically qualified for home based business!)  So after all that they really should have been ready to sign up or at least just need the tiniest of pushes.

But that is not the way it worked out.  Name addresses and phone numbers right there in my hands and I would call them.  Supposedly they were expecting the call so it seemed funny that These "leads" did not know anything about getting a call, would not return calls and never return e-mails.  But after speaking to enough folks I found out what was happening.

When I first got on the internet all those flashing banners caught me, I admit it.  And when you click that flashing banner got got taking to an offer, probably several offers to get through to the end.  Before you knew what had happened you had filled out who knows how many of those offers.  Now it's a Wal-Mart Gift card, dinner for two at Olive Garden etc.  People are clicking these banners and filling out these offers for no other reason than to get something free, but that information gets placed on a list and then they are a lead!.  They have no idea someone is going to call them about joining this opportunityor that opportunity.  They are trying to get something free!

And along comes the marketing Gooroos telling you to buy leads, you buy these leads and you don't have to annoy your family and friends.  Sounds good but in the end the problem is you are spending money to buy leads that have absolutely no interest in your business or your product.  You end up thinking its your fault, you suck at what you are doing when the truth is you just got a bunch of garbage names someone put together and is now selling to you at a profit.

What you must do if you want any success is to build your own list of leads.  You have to work.  You have to let go of the idea that you are going to be a great success with no effort. Now if you want to buy a list of leads and talkk to 100 people and maybe have on or two interested, how far are you going in the hole with the money wasted on that other 98?  Stop-Being-Lazy!  Work on cultivating your own list of interested prospects.  You will get a much greater return on investment!

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Cynthia and James  Nov 30th, 2008
Nice article my upline gave me a bunch of leads he was buying and they were junk 3000 leads to get 13 signups not very good odds in my way of thinking. I will build my own leads.

pplcheryl63  Nov 24th, 2008
I think all newbies get caught with this one. After all we don't want to lose all of our friends and the promoters of these "lists" can make it sound like a saccharine sweet deal! Leads = easy money and success and then newbies buy into i. The marketers who have been around a while know better.

Doniel  Nov 24th, 2008
Hey loved your article on buying leads, I to have tried early on, and find it doesn't work. When I started really investigating marketing stragegies that's when success started to hapen... The thing with leads is they've been sold 7 to 10 times those people don't want to be bothered about you or your opportunity at all. They've been lied to first of all about some free offer they will get, and the rest is history...

Then the 2 part to the madness we as proffesionals are trying day in day out to build a business, through rain sleet snow, only to get shut down or rejected.Put your own lead capture system out there and you' will find a better conversion rate,friendlier people, and you'll get people who want to hear your offer, I could go on and on about this, but I won't because the network marketers that have been out there for while,have learn this the hard way,like

my self...

to your success

SansSecret  Nov 21st, 2008
I've never understood why people would buy leads. Is it laziness? You have to work twice as hard to convince them of anything. Much easier to simply build relationships with your own leads, that have come to you from your own website, and already trust you because of the value you have already given them.

May take a little more effort initially to set up, and certainly requires more effort than just pitching a biz opp to someone, but the payoff is waaaayy more rewarding, both personally and financially.

shaddock67  Nov 19th, 2008
I have never bought leads. Thought about it, but I thought why should I have to buy them when I can just work to get leads, but we all get caught up in one thing or the other.

Bjantiques  Nov 11th, 2008
I have been telling people for years don't throw your money away.
Did /do they listen? No, they keep on throwing their money down the drain.

pplcheryl63  Nov 11th, 2008
Brent Simmons: Very good article. I have learned my lesson on buying leads. You spend alot of money on them,and get
And the point is the return on investment is so low why bother? You can generate your own interested leads at low or no cost and they are your own qualified leads, not just names on a list someone somewhere has collected.

Brent Simmons  Nov 11th, 2008
Very good article. I have learned my lesson on buying leads. You spend alot of money on them,and get nowhere with them. They pretend to be interested,and then you follow up with them,and you get there voice mail,and they don't call you back. Caller ID helped these leads decide whether they were going to answer the phone or not,so if they don't recognize the name,then the voice mail is what you are going to get.
You also see these commercials they have on tv or radio that talk about getting your own home based buisness. I did a search on one of them that I seen on an ad,just to see what it was about,and guess what happened? I became a lead,and alot of people who already have buisnesses got my name,from me just entering a website address that I seen on tv. My phone was ringing off the hook from people trying to get me into their buisness.
Another thing I don't like about leads is that,people check a site out because they are curious,but have no interest,and then you either have information someone has entered that isn't valid,or phone numbers that dont exist. Sure you can get a replacement,but they are no better than any of the other ones you have. I have had some success in buying leads,they got into my buisness,it is all in the numbers,but for the most part,I dont waste my money on them anymore.

pplcheryl63  Nov 10th, 2008
kaphoen: I worked as a Life Assurance Salesman for over 25 years (gasp, horror!). In all that time I hea
That last statement is one so powerful and yet so simple!

However the newbies will buy those leads looking for an easy pool of prospects as if a lead automatically means warm market. It's still a cold call. No different than picking up the phone book and calling people

Bjantiques  Nov 10th, 2008
kaphoen: I worked as a Life Assurance Salesman for over 25 years (gasp, horror!). In all that time I hea
truer words were never spoken, or in this case written lol.

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