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This probably is not the ideal place to poll this querie, but I am still curious to see the results!
With my life!
Most of the time
Some of the time
Barely ever
All marketers are evil, end of story.

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peaceful  Nov 10th, 2008
"I am an Internet Marketing and Advertising Industry Professional" should about say it all...

It's more professionally correct( For my ears) to connect you and your business with an INDUSTRY, as opposed to any single featured JOB within that industry...

pplcheryl63  Nov 9th, 2008
glnagy: Some interesting feedback here, I
Is that a hint? LOL! consider it tweeted

glnagy  Nov 9th, 2008
Some interesting feedback here, I'm going to wait a bit before saying too much..Lol

P.S. Would it kill sometone to tweet this? ;-)

pplcheryl63  Nov 9th, 2008
I don't trust anyone who calls themselves an "Internet marketer" Unless you are selling ISP's or a product directly involved with building, maintaining or improving the Internet, you are not an internet marketer.

When you get off the net and into the real world you notice that marketers tend to connect themselves with what it is they market.
They market Insurance products, phamacueticals, business supplies, automotive accessories, etc. They don't just say "I'm a marketer" They know that doesn't tell anyone a thing.

The person in pharmacueticals does not want to waste time explaining to a caller that he does not carry mufflers. The person in insurance doesn't want to waste time explaining he doesn't carry paper clips. They make sure that the relay what it is they specifically do. It's rare that the internet marketer explains what they do. 90% of the time they throw up a splash and capture page hoping to catch any gullible person who comes along with another get rich with no effort scheme.

Wincer Song  Nov 9th, 2008
heartuvgold: Just because a person calls his or her self a marketer or networker doesn
"at least they should have a large group of people who know who they are. "

Yes, i agree

heartuvgold  Nov 9th, 2008
Just because a person calls his or her self a marketer or networker doesn't mean they are one. Some people consider themselves marketers just because they've been in a lot of programs. I would be more likely to follow someone who showed focus and persistence with one thing for a long period of time and had some success to talk about and could show some proof of that success.
They don't necessarily have to be financially wealthy to qualify but at least they should have a large group of people who know who they are.

Wincer Song  Nov 9th, 2008
I saw some marketers were only spammers.

Smart marketers should know how to influence others.

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