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Business Etiquette(Does it exist?)

Posted Date: Nov 6th, 2008 12:31 | Hits: 508
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It seems like there sre no guidelines for business etiqutte at times.  There are some things I come across when conducting business that really fry me.  Since I really have never seen any sort of listed guidelines I thought that among us we could evelop some.  Just basic business courtesy items, who knows maybe someonw will pick up a new habit.  There are two things that really annoy me.

1. Keep your appointments!  When someone schedules an appointment with you they are taking time out of their day to schedule specifically for you.  Make the appointment!.  However we all understand that things have a habit of popping up, that's life.  If for some reason you cannot keep the appointment call them and let them know that you cannot keep it, then they can use that time for some other purpose.  Also If you are going to be late call.  If you had paid top dollar for that appointment ahead of time you would be there.  Treat all appointments as if you have already paid for that person's time.

2.Do not force yourself on someone else's prospects. Nothing looks worse to a prospect to be dealing with one agent and have another agent try to move in on them.  It makes you and your company look bad.  If you know or a prospect tells you that they are already working with or speaking to another representative of your company, bow out gracefully!  Attempting to force yourself into the relationship ruins your reputation and makes your company look like a greedy desperate hard-sell organization. So you also ruin the reputation of your company while you are at it.

3. Do not publicly degrade your competitors.  I have to really work at this one myself sometimes.  I get annoyed at the false impression many other identity theft companies foster in the general public and want to really just give a lecture but I try my best not to.  If yoou have a good product you don't need to down the competition.  It is easy enough to direct your prospects to comparisons of the two.  With proper education you don't have to point out your competition's faults, the educated prospect will see them!


These are just the main three issue I have but I am sure that you may have noticed "breaches of etiquette" in business too. If you have share them with us please, hopefully we can all learn a bit more about common business courtesy.

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pplcheryl63  Nov 6th, 2008
No it doesn't and it can be tough sometimes as I admitted. I have a real problem with keeping silent about what I feel is miseducation of the public. I don't think it does anyone any favors to allow misconceptions to stand unchallenged and I do have a tendency to not necessarily say anything about the company, but I will direct people to factual information so that they can educate themselves.

glnagy  Nov 6th, 2008
Does business etiquette exist? Not nearly often enough!

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