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Data Analysis - "What's All This Stuff?"

Posted Date: Nov 4th, 2008 10:20 | Hits: 577
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Hi All,

Data Analysis *robot voice* "We must compute."

Today I'd like to talk about data analysis. For most website owners; especially seasoned ones this might be second nature. For new people; perhaps its new news and something they didn't even consider. This is something that site owners should do a minimum of once per month if not more often.

First of all, mining data with your website is a must for any website owner. It will tell you  a tremendous amount of information about your site visitors without prying into their private lives.

It can give you a heads up as to when changes are needed with your website, if you are targeting the right audience, why people aren't converting to sales and the return on your hard earned time and money advertising investments.

I once visited a client who will remain nameless and at the meeting they said to me that they had a contact form and were getting lots of emails. I asked them if they were collecting data from this form and they said, "well, we have all of the emails."  What??!!  Are you kidding me? A simple text file that the form posted to did the trick. About a 30 second fix.

I quickly explained to them what they could do with the data. Add an opt-in newsletter, send out promotion and sales information etc. They were shocked. They had been collecting emails for nearly 5 years and had no idea!

Another thing to analyze should be your sites traffic. How many visitors are turning into sales? What is your return on your advertising dollar? Are you wasting money and or time?

One of the most important metrics to analyze is your visitors' click path. Where do they enter the site? Where did they exit? How long did they stay? Which pages did they visit? Did they buy something? Analyzing this data will allow you to determine which pages are performing well and which are not. Also, whether or not the right audience is being targeted.

For global companies or those wanting to reach out globally one of the major things to analyze is which coutry visitors are coming from? Did those visitors spend any legitimate amount of time on your site? Did they buy something? Can they read the text of your site? Do they speak the language of your site? There are IP detection devises which site owners can implement to detect the country of origin and display the pages of your site in the proper language so that you don't lose these visitors. This should be considered if needed.

I'll close for today and leave everyone with this...

Are people abandoning your shopping cart? Do you know why? Don't you think you should find out?


P.S. I'll be covering more on this subject later and in more detail. ~Stay Tuned~

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Member's comment

Kevin  Nov 4th, 2008
Thanks all, glad you enjoyed it. I'll write more on this topic as time allows.

peaceful  Nov 4th, 2008
"Stuff" is my favorite term, Kevin-- Hopefully we'll come to know more "Stuff" because if folks like you! :)

pplcheryl63  Nov 4th, 2008
Thanks Kevin Many of us may not have the least idea what to do with information we collect or even the relevence of that information

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