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Just who's list are you building?

Posted Date: Nov 3rd, 2008 19:46 | Hits: 760
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Daily, I get ads.  Many of them being spam emails; asking me to join this list builder or that list builder.

I refuse to join any of them.

There is a simple reason for this and that is I will NOT build someone else's list for them.

If I am going to make the effort to build a list then I want that list to be available to me;

NOT everyone and their dog that is above me.

I used to belong to some lists in the early days and helped get others to join the list as well, but after the experiences I had, I stopped doing it.

So what was so bad you may well ask?

In each case the person at the top, the list owner, gets approached by various program owners and is offered a top position, subject to advertising to their members and bring as many as possible of them into the program. Often this is a position above the members that have already joined but don't have lists.

Naturally, the mind's eye sees the $$$ signs and the greed factor takes over.
They slam out ad after ad on consecutive (possibly alternative) days to ALL the list program members.

Remember, a program admin can contact EVERYONE they are not restricted to x levels as members are.
This means that at the same time as you see this ad every one of the people you brought in see it as well.

You then in turn, can only send a message to a proportion of your members; assuming you can send out a message right away.  Some programs only let you send a message every x days.  So, what happens?

So lets say this program appeals to you and you join using the owners referral link.

You then in turn, assuming you can send out a message right away as some programs only let you send every x days, send a message to your list that you can send to in the program. and what happens?

In one word NOTHING.

No sign ups from any of the people you brought into the list program.
You scratch your head and think why no sign ups?
Was my ad so crappy that no one even looked at it?
You begin to doubt yourself and your ability to write ads.

You change the ad trying to improve it and you send out again.

Still nothing!

So what did you do wrong?

The answer is simple! You did not build a list for you. You built a list for the list owner, and s/he took advantage of their position, and took all your potential sign ups before you had a chance to get the message out.

What amazes me is that you do this over and over and over. Every time you join the latest list building program you are repeating the same mistake.

There is a saying here that "A donkey does not stumble twice on the same rock in the path".

So why do you?

It is time you started building your OWN list EXCLUSIVELY for YOU. Then when you find something worth while, providing you have used your list wisely in the past, you can send to them and you should find you get results.

Yes it takes time to build a list but at least you build a relationship. If you use it instead of abuse it you will find your readers have a loyalty to you.

That loyalty will be shown in them trusting you and following your recommendations.

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Member's comment

end925biz  Nov 4th, 2008
Hi Bjantiques,

I could not agree more with you Bjantiques, I also get offers every day to join this great list builder and this amazing new list builder, but the bottom line is i will not spend lots of time to build some ones list. nuff said ;-)

Bjantiques  Nov 4th, 2008
Hi Ced,

I suppose you could call this one of my "high horse" subjects.
It upsets me to see people busting their butt thinking they are doing something that will help them when in reality all they are doing is helping the list owner.

I would not say it is easy to build a list on your own BUT all the tools are freely available.
Yes at first look it appears complicated, but with a little coaching and guidance a well integrated system is easy to set up and use.

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