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Posted Date: Oct 30th, 2008 15:42 | Hits: 783
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Woip2: the new revolution of communication

In this years Telme has consolidated its approach to the VoIP network, therefore, creating a platform with a new concept. Woip2, World Over IP is born.

At the base of this platform there is an idea: to realise a community of people with the possibility to communicate with anybody, at any time, with any type of device, creating an inter-operator network that annuls the distances, connecting people amongst themselves.

This new technological platform bridges the gap between the telephone and internet environment including internal landline telephone and mobile service together with VoIP. The entire world connected through the network, an open and welcoming world, where people are and feel closer to one another: this is the World Over IP.

TELME creates the communication of the future:

  • First software application in the world that brings VoIP to the mobile phone
  • First video VoIP video call on a Mobile
  • First in the world with local landline numbers on Mobiles
  • First on the market with a GSM SIM CARD that functions on the VoIP network

The platform WoIP 2 rapidly demonstrated itself as being strong and versatile, offering the Company the opportunity to study and put into practice new scenarios.

This is a very important moment, in which the II. stage of the project (Telme evolution), is put into the action with new investments in the Network and the WoIP platform.

Can you imagine technology that let you to talk global with anyone, anytime and anywhere and with anyone device?! You just have imagined WoIP2...

telme woip 2

Now imagine the device which allows you all this, device which finally will give you freedom deciding how do you want to communicate without the operator, tariff or limitations in the roaming.

This what you just have imagined is called V-SIM and is the first virtual WoIP2 SIM card. WoIP2 network is the first world global network and has been presented in more than 60 countries. Wherever you are, WoIP2 technology means that you are never alone, WoIP2 follow you on any travel.

If you want to call, make video calls, send sms message,chat, listen to your answer machine messages...if you wish to COMMUNICATE, your V-SIM lets you do it in TOTAL FREEDOM.




To touch the WoIP2 Technology is extremely simple.

To get the most out the WOIP2 incredible power, you need to activate your VSIM and start using this amazing technology from your PC, your Mobile Phone, a common VoIP adapter or even from a public phone. You will be able to talk, chat, videocall all your friends and community members, no matter how they are connected to the WoIP2 network.

1. WoIP2 from PC

From Woip2 to pcYou can install on your own PC our communication software and start chatting, calling, video calling, sending SMS, initiating conferences. Furthermore, you can configure any external account such as Yahoo, MSN, GoogleTalk, ICQ or Jabber to work seamlessly from within DeskCall.

2. WoIP2 on a smartphone

From Woip2 to smartphoneIf you have a third-generation mobile (check the list on the website or in your V-Sim booklet) you can make or receive free calls or industry first mobile video calls, using the Internet connection on your mobile phone. You just need to install the application on your mobile and you will enter WOIP2 the easy way – on your mobile!

3. WoIP2 using a WOIP2+GSM card

From Woip2 to NRG GSMA SIM card that works in any phone. VSIM NRG – that’s the name of Telme WOIP2+GSM card will operate in over 130 countries and has one geographic number. Using NRG in over 60 countries you get the free roaming calls. NRG communicates directly with WoIP2 Network, that means that a Telme SIM card can call a DeskCall , hardware internet phone or 3GVideoCall users directly.

4. WoIP2 on Internet Phone ( ATA / SIP Router / SIP Phone / IP Phone)

Woip2 ATA routerUpon configuring your your ATA or IP Phone using Telme account, you can immediately use all WoIP2 features using your old trusty phone.
What you need is a fast Internet connection and you can use any commercial SIP device, ATA, IP Phone, Router VoIP compatible with SIP 2.0. WoIP2 Technology also supports VIDEO SIP Phone, to make and receive Video Calls from Telme Users, so if you have any SIP 2.0 Video Phone just configure it using your VSIM account details.

Regardless of the device you use, your V-Sim lets you make phone calls using WoIP2™ technology in a fast and simple way, letting you decide what system to use, based on the situation.


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Woip2: the new revolution of communication In this years Telme has consolidated its approach to the VoIP network, therefore, creating a platform with a new concept. Woip2, World Over IP is born. A...

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