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In Print Magazines and Other Offline Resources?

 I am just getting a little bit tired of opening up a new computing magazine, and seeing stories that all contain content about MySpace, Twitter, Facebook ect., On and On, Ad Nauseum, Museum, whatever...

 If we members don't get a littlle bit busier about talking up our fine and innovative Apsense, who will?

 For Equality's Sake, we must all get the word out to the press and maybe even TV about little old Apsense, before we get passed by, and looked over by the many fine folks who still have the time to read, or the need to read... A very huge number of Baby-Boomer Business Folks, who are always looking for company, should be able to find their fulfillment right here at Apsense!

 Perhaps each of us should take the time to write a letter, or even a Press Release when something wonderful happens here or make a comment in a Letter To The Editor, and leave your signitures with a mention of Apsense in the final tagline... I'm talking basic PR Stuff, here, folks...

 Most of us are fine Marketing and Advertising Pros, are we not? I challenge you to create a press release and/or a fine letter about Apsense vs. other Networks or in compatability with ect....

 You might even want to support each other by finding places to send your creations to, and by assisting those who have never created a press release or letter...

 (I'm placing this post in 'Affiliate Marketing Issues" because it seems to fit in, my fellow Administrators are trusted to let me know if this category is the right)

 Let's Get Busy Like We MEAN IT, People!-- OK, that's a little too "Rah, Rah", but it's Football season, ya know! LOL! :)

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Member's comment

peaceful  Jan 21st, 2009
JJ: Hmmmmmmm...If something isnt working, then perhaps we need to do the exact opposite. Now where hav.
I have just joined Fast Company's network, and Newsvine... I can quietly promote our Apsense on these networks... Need a few more folks to spread the word, though! :)

JJ  Jan 9th, 2009
Hmmmmmmm...If something isn't working, then perhaps we need to do the exact opposite. Now where have I heard that before...? I'll see what I can do to shed some light on this and uphold my end of the bargain.

Maybe this challenge could be posted in the Contest section...(shrugs.)

rollins  Dec 31st, 2008
Great ideas! I have to get some ads out there.

pplcheryl63  Dec 31st, 2008
peaceful: I am still waiting for confirmation from I-Wire-- But a long wait is not negative nor unusual-- Pre
Just wondering if you have heard anything

SansSecret  Dec 31st, 2008
Just found this looking through the topics. Guess we all need to take responsibility.
Social networks are going to play a huge part in the marketing arena so it's right that we get Apsense out there.
Off to do my bit.

peaceful  Nov 7th, 2008
Bjantiques: Hi Jeff, Revisiting previous posts and it got me wondering what was the result of your releas
I am still waiting for confirmation from I-Wire-- But a long wait is not negative nor unusual-- Press Releases are graded and fact checked and timed according to an Issues' content...

Meanwhile, I am gathering more sources and writing different versions for various media.... :)

Lisa G.  Nov 6th, 2008
peaceful: Hey, Wincer... That
Rah! Rah! Your right, football season is in full gear and so am I.
Well..not technically in full gear, I don't wear shoulder pads and a helmet-lol.

I think you are on to something here, Peaceful!
Love to see Apsense be listed in the top ratings, where it belongs!

There is just not another business social network out there with as much as Apsense has to offer to it's members, and --as user friendly.

Bjantiques  Nov 6th, 2008
Hi Jeff,

Revisiting previous posts and it got me wondering what was the result of your release you did?

Wincer Song  Oct 28th, 2008
peaceful: Hey, Wincer... That
Thanks, peaceful

like "keep walking"

let's keep growing, lol

peaceful  Oct 27th, 2008
glnagy: You must of read my mind peaceful! I will be putting some stuff together a little later... :)
It can be generic or detailed as much as you like, but be sure that it contains something about Apsense NOW... With an Active Feel to it! :)

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