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I am absolutely appalled at what I have just seen.

Posted Date: Oct 23rd, 2008 05:46 | Hits: 790
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I am absolutely appalled at what I have just seen.

Yes you read that right I am absolutely appalled.

I can not believe that anyone with an iota of inelegance would even join never mind promote a program doing what I have just seen.

When you join any program you should ALWAYS read the Terms of Service AND the Privacy Policy.
If they do not have both then DO NOT sign up.

Someone here posted an ad for a program they are promoting in their group which they are perfectly entitle to do. No Problem there.

However when I went to the URL they are so proudly giving as proof of payment I saw page after page of payments listed. It takes about 200 page downs to get to the bottom and about 25 lines of info per page
that is approximately 4500 to 5000 lines if information (allowing for some titles and other none vital info displayed.

So why am I on my high horse? Am I jealous? am I green with envy? Do I begrudge the program owner the success they have had?

My answer to all these questions is a resounding NO.

So what is my problem?

After all most of the so called "Professionals" or "Guru's" use check waiving (which is actually illegal) and show proof of income BUT and I repeat BUT they blank out the sensitive data which is the name or email address that the payment was received from.

This total "MORON" of a program owner (NOT the member that posted) has published this sensitive information. page after page after page containing
the name of the person making the payment in the case of paypal.
name and email address in the case of Alert Pay
User id and email address in the case of SafePay
email address in the case of Moneybookers and Stormpay
name of the account and account number in the case of E-Gold.

Not Satisfied with this Breach of privacy they have a link to another page which is entitled
"Exclusive Members Only Proof Available" followed by a Click here
From the title we would assume well that's ok its exclusively for access by members and we are going to be asked to log in.

WRONG!!!!!!! it is wide open for anyone to see.

This is an even BIGGER privacy breach than the first page.
They not only show the members name but also what ever the member filled in as city, state zip and country! along with the number of sales and the amount earned.

All it takes is a Hacker to tie up the information from the first page with the information from the second page and they can then start looking for the soft targets that are not savvy to the dangers of poor security on their financial accounts and they will suddenly find that their accounts have been emptied before they can take out their earnings.

I should really thank the poster of this link as it has exposed the REAL danger of signing up to ANY site that does not have a "Terms of Service and a "Privacy Policy" EASILY findable from ANY page on the site.

However I wont thank them as they should have more sense than to promote a program that is so lax and blasé with its members information. This person should hang their head in shame, but I am 99% sure they wont (note to the poster - or are you going to remove that ad and surprise me?)

I have been telling people for years If a site does not have both a clear easy to find "Terms of Service and "Privacy Policy" DO NOT sing up. I hope that this example of what can happen when there is no "Terms of Service and "Privacy Policy" will make everyone start to take notice.

I am not a legal expert but I know what's right and what's wrong and it is my opinion that every person that is a member should take legal action against the program owner and sue for breach of privacy. However be warned they will use as a defense that they at no time said they would keep your information private.

We are here to network and help each other and that means help each other to protect ourselves from the exposure of information that has no right to be publicly displayed by "no brained idiots" so I feel fully justified in giving the following information.

The name of the site that shows the information is "youscoundrelyou" which is not the name of the program nor is it anything that is a derivative of this name. There is also no link to the actual program site from this one so I feel I am not breaking rules by posting its name. Those that want to see the proof for themselves will figure out how to get there and see it.


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Member's comment

RonL  Mar 9th, 2009
Thank you For Highlighting That particular post The Site certainly Lives Up To Its name

Cynthia and James  Nov 30th, 2008
Great truths I have seen many people like this in the past and always have woundered how they stay around. I guess if you throw the line out enough you will snag something everynow and then.

glnagy  Oct 25th, 2008
Hi Bj, I would get into the whole proof of payment thing, but this is just so outrageous I'm rather speechless!

Ben  Oct 23rd, 2008
This is really increadible. There actually are people like that moving around freely?

The one, and I repeat ONE, holy thing we should respect online is the privacy of fellow marketers/surfers/friends/fill in whatever.


Bjantiques  Oct 23rd, 2008
pplcheryl63: After personally seeing the information that was posted, I am not sure appalled is a strong enough w
Well Cheryl Iwas actually thinking I am something beginning with f Applauded but decided to keep it reasonable

pplcheryl63  Oct 23rd, 2008
After personally seeing the information that was posted, I am not sure appalled is a strong enough word to describe it!

pplcheryl63  Oct 23rd, 2008
I wonder how anyone in this day and age would post this information. Not just a breach of terms of service and it really does not take a hacker to misuse the information that you describe. Page after page of identity theft victims waiting to happen.

Luckily there are several companies that have no need to check waive. Publicly traded companies here in the US are required to report their quarterly financials which includes distributors 1099 statements. You can verify or see the type of income being made by viewing the financials but you will not see any personal information.

Who ever posted that post had best delete it immediately since the information they posted can be used to commit identity theft. What they have done is a data breach!

Bjantiques  Oct 23rd, 2008
duanlang: You are the master,why no delete those article
Firstly let us clarify I am not the master. I am a member of the APSense Administration Team.

What someone posts in their group is their responsibility and the Admin Team will only step in to eiter delete it or have the founders delete it, if it is something that brakes the Terms of Service of APSense.
The members post does not technically break the "Terms of Service"

The site where this abomination of Privacy Abuse is taking place is not on APSense. If it was it would be removed instantly.

duanlang  Oct 23rd, 2008
You are the master,why no delete those article

You have to log into the site first

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