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Marketing on the internet is no joke

Posted Date: Oct 22nd, 2008 18:52 | Hits: 573
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Marketing on the internet is no joke.  Over the years I have seen people come and go.  To me it's no different than sales.  It is said that "sales is the highest paid hard work and the lowest paid easy work."  I would say the same is true for internet marketing.  It takes knowledge, skill and passion to succeed on the internet.

Knowledge - Getting knowledge by watching others is one way to get it.  A better way is to go to school and put into practice what you learn.  There are several good teachers of internet marketing where you can get educated.

Skill - Knowing what to do with knowledge is skill when it's applied. Once you have the knowledge you need to market on the internet, you'll have to apply with certainty what you have learned.  The skill gets better the more you apply yourself. 

Passsion - The burning desire to learn and do things for a desired result is passion.  Passion will not let you come up short in your internet marketing experience.  You will find out very soon how much passion you have.  It's more than being here a year from now.  It's about being in it to win it.

Are you ready to get the knowledge you need?

Are you ready to develop the skill you need?

Do you have a genuine passion to succeed in marketing on the internet?

If you answered yes to these questions, you're on the right track.

Stay after it,

Ced Reynolds





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