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This is a topic that will help people understand that marketing on the internet takes knowledge and skill.

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Bjantiques  Oct 22nd, 2008
glnagy: Well, if no one else will say yes, I will! first off I really do agree with what Cherl and Peaceful
Hi Garnet,

I Voted Yes as well.

There are so many that have come to me for advice then gone to others for advice and no matter what answers they received they didn't act on it.
These are the ones that in my opinion are playing.

glnagy  Oct 22nd, 2008
Well, if no one else will say yes, I will! first off I really do agree with what Cherl and Peaceful said.....but I still say most are playing around for a few reasons, like countless encounters with people who will not answer an email/question or even exchange a simple hello, people stuck on joining every free program out there in hopes of cashing in on 'the next big thing', people trying to trick others to joining their program, etc....

Sure there's MOUNTAINS of BS out there, but until you get serious enough to sift through your own BS and decide what matters most to you(definitive life purpose) and seriously Proiritize are just playing around, and maybe getting your feet wet a little.

peaceful  Oct 22nd, 2008
I am going to say a qualified 'No" because of my experience with many folks who really have the desire to earn online... They are everywhere, and they are searching, seeking and full of hope-- They are also vulnerable and like Cheryl said, they really need guidance and reliable resources to help them through all of this stuff!

pplcheryl63  Oct 22nd, 2008
Some are but so most I think it is an honest effort. Sometimes they just need a little help and guidance

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