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Do You Use Viral Marketing?

Posted Date: Oct 22nd, 2008 01:53 | Hits: 542
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Do you think that viral marketing works?   For me, the jury is still out on this one.

There are many viral marketing tools available now, and it seems to be one of the
current buzz words/program types, however, it doesn't seem to me to be as easy
to get referrals as the owners of these programs would have us believe.

There is only one of these tools with which I've had any success so far, and it is
one of the original programs.   Although my downline there is small, at least I
have one!  ;-)

I have tried some of the other tools around, with no success at all, although that
may be due to my lack of business skills, not the program's fault - who knows?

Have you tried any of these programs?   If so, which ones, and are you having
any success with them?   Would really like to know what you think.........

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Do You Use Viral Marketing? Oct 22nd, 2008 01:53
Do you think that viral marketing works?   For me, the jury is still out on this one. There are many viral marketing tools available now, and it seems to be one of the current buzz words/p...

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Member's comment

glnagy  Oct 22nd, 2008
Hi Jean,

I think you'd be well advised to dump those programs....viral marketing works best when you have something people actually WANT, and immediatley turn and show it to their friends.

Snakesmum  Oct 22nd, 2008
Hhmmmm, some mixed reactions there, for sure.

I'm currently considering exiting most if not all of the programs
I'm signed up for (Not many) and starting again with a clean sheet,
but now I'm a little more knowledgable than when I started.

Viral marketing seems to me to be something that CAN work, but
you are right in that it is there primarily for the program's owner.

Got to do some more research/thinking on this one!

peaceful  Oct 22nd, 2008
It works much better when there are actual Humans doing the spreading, Jean... I have posted a plug in video on this subjecy that might be helpful for you, do a search for Viral Marketing... Welcome to 2.0 and G'Day!

Bjantiques  Oct 22nd, 2008
Most of these viral programs are good for the owner and that is it.

It is my contention that all we are doing is building a list for them, just as we are if we are fool enough to join any of the list building programs.

Its time to STOP building the Guru's lists for them and let them do their own dirty work. Build a list for YOU not for everyone and their dard dog that is above you.

James Reilly  Oct 22nd, 2008
I love viral marketing if its done right, i go to some sites and all there is an ebook download, not everyone is aware what its all about, there are so many newcomers to the online world dissilusioned by what they can achieve. By teaching newbies, in our own methods that are working for us, it helps them better understand more. Not only does it give more value but turns newbies into online friends.

There are so many different programs out there for viral marketing, but you need to remember first things first that site is there for the owner.

I think if viral marketing works then it needs good clean and clear instructions with a good support desk who can tell you where and when and what you need to know.


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