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My newest pet peeve-Annoying exit pop ups

Posted Date: Oct 21st, 2008 15:49 | Hits: 555
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These little "tools" have to be the most annoying addition to any website.  They basic send the message that you do not understand the meaning of the word no.  If you have a website dedicated to some affliate marketing program, odds are when someone clicks the "x" or tries to navigate away from your page, it is not an accident.  Is there some reason not to gracefully allow them to leave?

Perhaps you think forcing them to hang around makes them more receptive to something they are not interested in in the first place?  And there are varying levels of these annoying little detaining mechanisms.  Luckily with the first level you just click OK and get released to go along on your way.  The mega-annoying ones are the ones that try to engage you in conversation.  they open up a chat box that takes you to a standard per-set automated response system.  Of course they are pre-programmed with responses.  You will notice no matter what you tell it, it always comes up with the same responses.

But either way I view them as an imposition.  There are laws about unlawfully detaining people.  Too bad they can't be applied to the internet to prevent these so called marketing techniques that have no value except to annoy your prospects.  There are some cases in which these exit pop ups can be helpful.  I personally don't think selling and recruiting qualify. In my opinion using these things to market your programs and opportunities is misuse of technology.  But I'm sure if I were to take the time to look, I'd find it somewhere among the guru driven gibberish that this is effective in increasing your sales conversions.

I find myself wondering when people will realize that 90% of this guru drivel only accomplishes one thing.

Annoying your prosepects!


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Member's comment

peaceful  Oct 22nd, 2008
These doo-hickeys are still holdovers from the days of Web 1.0 and it's mindless 'Surfer Catching" mentality... I still think of malware and adware when i see these things... I wonder if the website owners realize that most folks hate surprises?

pplcheryl63  Oct 22nd, 2008
Agnes Paul: The pop-ups are annoying that
That does work with some and then with others like the one I was dealing with yesterday it would simply bring up another pop up that was offering a download. Clicking the "X" would bring you back to the original pop up Clicking the "X" on that one would take you back to the download.

shaddock67  Oct 22nd, 2008
I agree. One of the health affiliate programs I belong to has that setup. Add a link so the prosepct can go to another one of your sites. I donðt like that Idea. If they want to leave let them leave. There will be someone out there who will be interested and you never know that person who wasnt interested may be interested at another time.

Agnes Paul  Oct 21st, 2008
The pop-ups are annoying that's very true, but if click on the X some of them do close, i.e click on all of the x's on the pop-ups it works for me.

glnagy  Oct 21st, 2008
And no, that Wasn't a misprint! LOL... :))

glnagy  Oct 21st, 2008
Hi Cheryl, I actually have to disagree with you, a little. This 'guru drivel' actually accomplishes TWO things!...The first which you already pegged down and the second includes suckering the gullible or un-educated out of their CASH, whether it's to buy their junk offer OR the poop-up/under, fold in software itself.

Kevin  Oct 21st, 2008
Cheryl, You've hit the nail on the head here.

If your site provided content that people were looking for, they wouldn't be leaving in the first place. They'd probably click through your site and buy whatever it is you are offering.

Anytime someone needs to employ one of these trap strategies it is a bad thing and you can be sure the visitor WILL NOT return to your site in the future.

Another thing of note is this: From time to time the search engines DO human review sites. If a human from Google or Yahoo finds this on your site, you are sure to be banned.

pplcheryl63  Oct 21st, 2008
I just spent what felt like an hour trying to get away from on of those things. It kept popping up and asking me if I was sure I wanted to leave. You think after the second time it would have gotten the message I did indeed want to leave. However about 10 tries later it still did not understand I had no intentions of hanging around. I had to actually go to my task manager and end the program on that browser window to escape!

Bjantiques  Oct 21st, 2008
Well said Cheryl,

popups are the biggest pain in the ---- that were invented.

Same goes for the stupid fly ins and all the rest of the invasive crap they use.

You have to log into the site first

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