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Is Your Site Offline?

Posted Date: Oct 21st, 2008 12:30 | Hits: 464
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Okay, I didn't mean to scare you when I said offline. As in down or dead.

What I'm asking is whether your business is an online only business? Or, Is it offline?

I'd like to share a huge pet peave of mine. The pet peave is one that many business owners overlook or sometimes forget.

It seems that just because their business is either strictly or mostly an online business they forget to advertise it in the offline world. Let me share a quick story with you, I'll try not to bore you too much. :)

I started marketing a company in the past whos business was mostly online and catalog sales. They are a western wear clothing company. Before I started working for them I had noticed that they also ran television commercials regularly. To which I didn't pay much attention because I'm just not into western wear. :)

At one meeting with them they introduced a new member of their team. So, per usual I exchanged business cards with the gentleman. He handed me a card which had someone elses name scratched out on it and his written in its place. Okay I thought; they just haven't gotten him his own yet. No big deal.

I went home that evening  and while laying in bed saw one of the television commercials. The commercial was well done and I was excited to see that they were marketing their business offline as well as online. This is a good thing. BUT, I quickly discovered that nowhere in the advertisement did it mention that they had a website or the address of the website.

I jumped out of bed, went to my briefcase and pulled out the card of "the new guy." Nope, no website address there either??!!

The very next day I called and asked about why they didn't have their web address on their cards and on their television commercial. They replied that they didn't know this was important.

I asked them why they would spend thousands of dollars on a tv advertisement and not incluce this one simple line of text. Or include it on their business cards.

OK, cutting to the chase and making this short.

They got the idea and then started including the website address on the cards and in the television ads and their sales increased almost immediately.

Most people forget that just because your online business is online that you should still promote it in the offline world. If you don't, you are missing out on lots of viewers and sales to your site/business.

As for cost, the television company included this simple line of text for FREE. And, the business card printers charged only a small fee for the extra line.

The morale here is this... If you are spending thousands to promote your business; you had better be promoting it anywhere and everywhere that you can! Especially if its something as simple as putting your web address on something.

**Stepping down from my soapbox**

Kevin :)

P.S. A non-marketed site is a billboard in a cow pasture

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Member's comment

glnagy  Oct 21st, 2008
Hi Kevin,

Great post, a good friend of mine always says 'you can reach a heck of a lot more people offline than you can online', and it's so true...there are many more people who are not on the internet(go figure..Lol), this works especially well for anyone in more populated areas than myself who are constantly met with new people....

Kevin  Oct 21st, 2008
SansSecret: "A non-marketed site is a billboard in a cow pasture" LMAO, and into the swipe file it goes. Gr
Thanks SansSecret I'm glad you enjoyed it.

SansSecret  Oct 21st, 2008
"A non-marketed site is a billboard in a cow pasture"
LMAO, and into the swipe file it goes.

Great article kevin.

Kevin  Oct 21st, 2008
pplcheryl63: Mine is mostly offline because I specialize in the employee benefits side of things. For some reaso
It's important to do both.. but as you say.. no need to be blatant and over-the-top.

pplcheryl63  Oct 21st, 2008
Mine is mostly offline because I specialize in the employee benefits side of things. For some reason most marketers think either or instead of both. I do both which is why I guess I don't put too much stock in blatant advertising when you are supposed to be networking.

If I used some of the tactics I see from the typical online networkers, I would have been barred from my networking groups long ago! It can be tricky to balance out the two but it is more than worth it!

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