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Getting prospects to take a second look

Posted Date: Oct 19th, 2008 17:19 | Hits: 635
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When clients take a second look at a property it's like they often discover something that they didn't see the first time.  It's up to the salesperson to point out not just the stand out benefits and features of the product or service but also the intangibles that aren't readily seen.

Now getting a client to actually take a second look is the trick.  What is it that you say to get a client to take a second look besides "the price just went down?"

In my business, getting people to take a second look is most often beneficial to the looker because they have often thought they knew everything about our company and our service.  But the fact of the matter is with only 2% of the marketplace owning our service, many people may have heard about us but they only know what they have heard and that doesn't scratch the surface.

How I get people to take a second look is simply by listening to them describe their lives.  Eventually in most situations I am able to bring up a benefit of the service we offer in a non threatening, non salesy way. 

Here's an example:

I was talking with a new client the other night and she and her husband were talking about a terrible experience they were having with their Vet.  They were talking about how senseless it was to talk with the Vet because they knew nothing would come of it. They talked about how they needed a lawyer but the expense would be way to high to justify their concern.  They really felt helpless.  All I simply did was say, "I may have a solution for you.  Let me send it to you by email.  It may or may not be for you but you decide after you review the information."  That was it.  Now I have a new client who simply subscribed to our membership because of the laid back approach and certainly because there was a legitimate need.  This was a new client who had not purchased our membership in the past.  The typical, "let us think about it" client.  Today they are glad they took a second look.

Get your clients to take a second look, you'll be glad you did.

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peaceful  Oct 20th, 2008
Very good article for this section, Career Recruiter... Marketing Success Stories should be sort of a guide to better business thinking for all of us, and your personal example is a welcome tip! :)

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