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A Simple Explaination of Social Networks

Posted Date: Oct 16th, 2008 23:26 | Hits: 592
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Member's comment

SansSecret  Oct 18th, 2008
Love the 'pink' border!

And the content was pretty cool too. lol

Bjantiques  Oct 17th, 2008
Well Garnet

That what Social Networking is all about. Sharing with friends?

glnagy  Oct 17th, 2008
I probably should mention..... I only found this video bescause of a friend I made socially networking ;-)

pplcheryl63  Oct 17th, 2008
We can always count on you to find a treasure!

Bjantiques  Oct 17th, 2008
Great find Garnet,

Lays it out in very easy to understand terms.

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