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Lets clear up the confusion between and ad and an article.

Posted Date: Oct 14th, 2008 08:15 | Hits: 767
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We have two different section here to place posts, Topics and Marketplace. Each one of the sections has a separate purpose.  One is to post article and the other is to post ads.  However there seems to be some confusion still on which is the proper area to post.


This section is for discussions.  Discussions means you are sharing knowledge and experience, things that you would like to talk with other members about.  It is not for Selling products, recruiting other members to your opportunity or in any other way trying to influence your fellow APsense members into buying something from you, even if it is a free to join opportunity.  If you are hanging out with your friends would everything out of your mouth be directed to buy my product or join my business?  I doubt it highly.  It would be the quickest way to be told to shut up, left out of friendly gathers and treated as a social pariah.  It is no different here.  Over time you will see the development of a core gruop of members who are networking together here, and they do not take kindly to spam.  Posting articles under the topics section is spam!  If you persist in doing so you will find yourself labeled as a spammer and treated accordingly.


The marketplace is for ALL ads period.  Everything from your product right down to that free to join opportunity Please read this post on Using the Marketplace

What makes an ad?

Ads are ads, even when you disguise them as a discussion. The biggest example

You write an absolutely wonderful informative article and at the very end you tell people to go to your website and throw in the spam link.

If your post is in any way designed to sell, recruit, get people to go to your website it is an ad and will be reported as spam when placed under the topics section.  There is no excuse for this site to degenerate into a spam catch-all.  Anytime you see an add in topics please report it as spam.  The spam will eventually hurt every member of this site if left unchecked.  All members should be doing their part.

One last note:  If you are not sure if it is an ad, you cancontact The Apsense Administrative Team.  We will help you to determine if it is an ad or how to help you fix it so that it is a topic and not an ad.  It is to all of our benefit that the site be kept spam free.


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pplcheryl63  Jan 1st, 2009
Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the difference between ads and articles. Even thinly veiled recruiting posts without links are ads and will be treated as such.

pplcheryl63  Oct 14th, 2008
Thanks for the addendum. Links within a post to outside sources on information or recommending sites that are totally separate from your financial gain is fine.

Bjantiques  Oct 14th, 2008
A small addendum if I may Cheryl.

At this time plugins can only be placed in topics. I realized this, this morning when trying to move one of my posts that I feel should be moved to market place.

I have spoken to Wincer on this and we will have to wait and see what can be done.

Also the "Share a link" should be used for recommending sites where you have no financial gain in doing so. In other words not to be used with affiliate links.

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