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Before your read this post, start at the beginning.  Read about the basics here.


You've completed your profile, uploaded your picture and even read some of the articles in the Tutorial and FAQs section.  You are ready to dive in and start contributing your content to the site.  Great now all you have to worry about is properly submitting that content.  Remember you have the basics,  you know how to do the dog paddle; it takes practice to become a good swimmer and it takes practice to become a good network marketer.

There's more to it than just banging out something on the keyboard and clicking submit, it takes some thought on your part.  Not just about what to submit but how to format it and where to submit it to.  

Article or Headline?

So first think about the difference between an Article and a headline. A one sentence post is a headline not an article.  So you catch our attentention, now fill in the gaps.  Give us some information.  Whether it is a story you want to share about your success or a link you want us to click, don't expect a reader to just click the link or understand why this sentence is a success.  Give the information to make us want to click the link, or to understand why your success is a success.  The more we know about you, the more apt we are to look at what it is you want us to see.  At the risk of sounding a bit spiteful, unless you are an A-List celebrity, you are just another face in the crowd,  It's up to you to make yourself stand out from the rest, and that is achieved by making thoughtful, insightful and informative posts.

Post or Ad?

So you have your awesome article ready to post, the next question is where do you post it?  First determine if it is an article on an ad.  Is it information you are sharing or it is designed to get others to join your opportunity or buy your products?  If there is any ulterior motive toward joining or buying, it is an ad period.  I don't care if you laid out an entire thesis on the origins of your opportunity, if the point is to influence someone to join you it's just an ad and needs to be posted in the marketplace.  If there is any confusion contact a member of the Apsense Administration Team to help you decide.  They can also help you to decide which category it should go under.


Everyone gets one group.  Use it wisely.  Put some though into creating that group since it is the only one you will have.  Do you want to create a group that will help you meet people and make new friends and contacts?  If that is the case, then creating a group dedicated to and named after your "opportunity" is a waste!  Who is going to join your there?  The same people that are already in your opportunity and probably in your downline to boot.  Unless you just want to limit yourself to hanging out with those folks a better idea is to base your group on an interest, educational area or hobby.  By creating a group based on those things you have a greater number of potential graoup members which means a greater number of potential contacts and new friends.  The other plus is people are comfortable joining your group.

If you have a choice of joining two groups, One is the "moneymaking, flash in the pan for the week" group and the other is the "lets talk about great travel destinations in your part of the world" which group do you think will get more members?  The group dedicated to the "opportunity du jour" or the group dedicated to all the great places around the globe?  Most people don't care about your opportunity but I'll bet they all know of a great place to travel!  As they get to know you, they may very well want to know more about your opportunity, but that comes from building the relationship

Don't be afraid to get involved

Remember you do have to get wet before you can swim so start contributing.  Ask experienced members for their help and input.  Don't take it personally if someone says something about a post you have made.  They are not targeting you, they are trying to help you get better.  The better you are at interacting on the site, the more rewards it will bring you!

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Member's comment

progress6  Jul 16th, 2011
Hi Cheryl,

Thanks for all the information on your must read they're great lesson for me as a newbie here and still learning. It's such a big help for me.

pplcheryl63  Sep 30th, 2010
jokotry: its really nice to be here, to make friends and to get valuable articles and informations.... Fran.
Please feel free to share. You can create a group devoted to it.

jokotry  Sep 30th, 2010
it's really nice to be here, to make friends and to get valuable articles and informations....
Frankly, i would like also to share my experiences here, especially in regard with metaphysical sciences mostly derived from Indonesia or Eastern part of Asia....

Zulkarnain  Sep 11th, 2010
I will not be a spammers. Keep my promise maam :) and thaks to review me

pplcheryl63  Sep 11th, 2010
Zulkarnain: Thanks for this explaination. Ill keep it for learn as a newbie here.
The whole purpose behind these posts is to help the new members become active contributing members of the site and not spammers.

Zulkarnain  Sep 11th, 2010
Thanks for this explaination. I'll keep it for learn as a newbie here.

pplcheryl63  Oct 12th, 2008
I will do that

Bjantiques  Oct 12th, 2008
Hi Cheryl,

this is a great follow up to your previous post
can i suggest you ad a read more link to the bottom of the other post pointing to this one.

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