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The definition of SPAM and SPAM POSTING in APSense

Posted Date: Oct 4th, 2008 11:36 | Hits: 4592
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To clarify for everyone here is a clear description of what will be classed as spam here in APSense 2.0.

1. The posting of identical posts (even with a different title) in either the same section and / or multiple sections. if you want to post about the same thing  then write a different article for it with a different title. This applies even if it is not an ad. Remember duplicate content  on one site is detremental with search engines.

2. The sending of Ads to Members on your contact list without getting explicit consent before doing so or posting of an ad as a comment in reply to a post.

3. Making a post that  simply contains a link  with no explanation  about it

4. No ads are allowed in the "Topics" section of the site, it is for none commercial posts. Ads will be deleted. Posters of Ads  in the "Topics" section can expect their posting privledges to be suspended for 7 days for first offence, 30 days for  2nd offence There will be no third warning. Repeat offenders that have had two suspentions are liable to lose their accounts.

5. Note on Events section. Make sure you read  the  post  "How to use the Events Section"  to ensure you use it correctly and do not get your posts removed.

The first three things have caused serious damage to APSense 1.0 and are not going to be tolerated here in 2.0

Also remember you are only allowed one group. Do not create a group that has the purpose of allowing others to post their opportunities in it.
There are enough facilities for members to post their opportunities as it is.

One more point to note is when you make a post please check it to make sure that it has not posted twice due to any system glitch. If it has then please remove the second post right away. Do not wait for it to get reported as spam as that is what is going to happen.

APSense 2.0 is young enough right now to ensure we all start out on the right path to make this a site were people want to come here  and more importantly want to keep coming back.

 Added on  2008-10-12  - Amended on 2008-12-6

The "Tell Us What You Are Doing"  area is NOT there to post ads in or solicit other members to contact you about a product or service.If you want to tell people you are selling or giving away something then it belongs in the market place.

Added on  2008-10-20

Item  4 has been added to clarify  what the "Topics" secion is to be used for.

Added on 2008-10-30

Item 5 added as many are missing this important item.

Added on 2008-11-30

PLR articles copied and pasted verbatim to this site that are posted on other sites will be considered duplicate content, and therefore spam

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Member's comment

pplcheryl63  Dec 26th, 2008
Effective immediately anyone posting a link in the Tell us what you are doing area will be suspended for 7 days. It is clearly stated that this is spam, however that is being ignored. In an effort to stop the Microblog spamming, suspensions will be given to members who place links in the "Tell us what you are doing" section.

pplcheryl63  Nov 3rd, 2008
I think that I should point out sending a link in a friends request should not be done. That is sending an ad to someone without their permission.

Angelcho  Feb 1st, 2012
Great information.

Affiliate Money  Oct 24th, 2010
Clear instructions, if you don't understand this, re-read the topic.

Bjantiques  Oct 17th, 2010
Chuck Bartok: Thanks for the Information about the Rules.. Still about Hazy about the whole premise of Apsense 2.
you thank me for the rules then 5 minutes later you get your self a 30 day read only limit by advertising in a comment. You of all people have been around long enough to know that posting an ad in a comment as a reply to someones post is spam.

Chuck Bartok  Oct 17th, 2010
Thanks for the Information about the Rules..
Still about Hazy about the whole premise of Apsense 2.0
Need to spend more time here

Bronnamdi  Sep 6th, 2010
Adhering to this post will rid here of SPAM. The mods are doing their best to enforce it and I commend their efforts.

Say NO to SPAM.

Betina  Aug 29th, 2010
Hi! It is a true pleasure to see that the Moderators are on top of the spamming and this in turn will assure all of us that this place remains a true Social networking environment for all of us to enjoy!
Thanks for your attention and efforts where spamming is concerned.


Dreamtrips  Aug 22nd, 2010
Thank you for the information. I am new here, it is good to read all these before getting started. It is always good to abide by the rules. It works for everyone. Cheers!

Mohd Nor  May 31st, 2010
Thank you for giving the information and I will be careful to continue with apsense

Mohd Nor

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