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How to use this section

Posted Date: Sep 30th, 2008 09:16 | Hits: 589
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APSense does not endorse any posts made in this section.

This section is to be used to post YOUR PERSONAL Bad experiences as a warning to other members.

The information you post MUST be factual and presented in a proper manner, that way no one can complain or object to your post.

Do not use offensive language and do not make accusations of anything being a scam unless you personally have sufficient evidence that would stand up in court.


addendum  2008-12-06

If referring to a virus please  make sure you include a link to a none commercial authorative site  that has information on it. 

Althout many like Snops  it unfortunatly  has references  daitng back  many years  that have never been updated. so it  can not be considered a real autoratative  source any more.




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Member's comment

Bjantiques  Dec 6th, 2008
this post updated

Bjantiques  Oct 1st, 2008
Hi jeff,

I will be keeping a very close eye on this section to prevent reverse advertising rest assured.

peaceful  Oct 1st, 2008
Fine Section, Bill!

We all need this information, hopefully presented in detailed, descriptive accounts, and not some attempt at reverse advertising like there is in some spam emails! :)

Bjantiques  Sep 30th, 2008
yes and i am trying to contact the ones that have posted to let them know they need to change the category of their posts

pplcheryl63  Sep 30th, 2008
Thanks for clarifying. It's good to have a place for this information

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