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The Ad Copy Goof! How On Earth Do You Expect To Survive?

Posted Date: Sep 13th, 2008 10:49 | Hits: 637
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 It happens all the time, possibly more often than you might care to think...

  You unknowingly goofed on a piece of ad copy in an expensive hard copy marketing campaign, and you don't discover your mistake until the printer calls to tell you that the printing was a success, and the direct mail material was on it's way to your customers!

 The blood drains from your head down to your toes as you look at the computer screen and see that the price for your product which should be $1000.00 is reading $100.00!

 Holy Hannah's Hat, you really screwed this one up! Your affiliates are going to string you up, you are going to lose your customers and if that isn't enough, the reputation you took so long to build is going to go straight down the drain!


 First of all- An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure: Never sign off, send out, print or display any piece of ad copy that has not been proof read by at least three sets of fresh eyes!

 That is a tough lesson that is learned by many a newbie in the marketing and advertising business- but seems to be mainly ignored by many online marketers!

 I have seen so many mistakes on websites, in emails and on banners that it's a wonder that these affiliates survive or make money at all!

 The sad truth is that many don't survive. Your and I know that we will tend to pass by any poorly written material on the way to more professional copy, even if the product was one we might have been interested in.

 Marketers Be Aware- Poor copy can and will bring down an excellent product and certainly won't do anything good for your reputation!

 There are many, many good resources available to help you with your Marketing and Advertising skills...

 Too many, that is, to allow you to let a good campaign go bad!

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Member's comment

peaceful  Sep 16th, 2008
I couldn't agree with you more, BJ! :)

In our town's public library there is a reference Librarian who must have majored on Business while she was attending college in Hell... If my copy seems seems to be "Too Good" to me... I just take it to her.

It's like giving a rag doll to a Rottweiler! LOL! :)

Bjantiques  Sep 15th, 2008
Hi Jeff,

Very good advice that should be taken to heart.

May I take the liberty of adding this.

Only ask your friends to proof read if they are real friends that will be totally honest with you, and tell you every little fault/error they find.

Its no good asking someone if they are going to tell you its great and fantastic just because they want to stay your friend and are afraid of hurting your feelings.

I personally have 5 people that I know will rip anything i ask them to look at to shreds if need be and give me totally honest feed back.

Sometimes you have worked your butt off and produced what you think is the ultimate piece of copy, and you send it to your people to check it over and they come back with loads of points that you did not see in your euphoric state and yes it hurts, BUT, better they wake you up than you go ahead and publish just to find it flops and goes down like a lead brick.

pghseomarketing  Sep 15th, 2008
This was a good one :) WHAT'S A MUTHA TO DO but go ahead and "TOP" this for you ... LOL. Thanks for the great resource.

peaceful  Sep 13th, 2008
The funniest thing is that most of these goofs often occur when the copywriting gets "Good and Hot "! LOL!

Even those of us who are experienced enough with our own styles of writing to do our thing while blindfolded, can make some real goofs when it comes down to the practical stuff such as the right price, product features ect..

Those extra sets of eyes can really save the day for us! :)

pplcheryl63  Sep 13th, 2008
Definitely three pairs of eyes and do not tell them what it means. Let them read it without any explanations from you. That way you will get a true idea of what that ad copy really says!

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