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It's NEVER Too Early To Prepare Yourself For Success!

Posted Date: Sep 12th, 2008 12:23 | Hits: 635
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One day, perhaps today, you will recieve the good news that the project, job, venture or dream you've been struggling to build has actually become successful, viable and will remain popular in your marketplace for the long term!

Wow! That's great, so now what     

  Good news can be just as shocking to the human mind and body as bad news and sometimes even more so...

Have you ever heard of the person who wins the lotto or a zillion dollar sweepstakes, and suddenly drops dead or becomes mentally shocked to the point of amnesia 

The elimination of these nasty effects can be accomplished by habitual meditation, and pre-success or even pre-failure acceptance visualization techniques

For those of you who think of these methods as "New age nonsense" .
 I can assure you they are not...

Many times in my own life these techniques have actually saved me from tragic circumstances, such as when a crazy man pulled a gun on me and asked me why he shouldn't kill me.

I didn't even know who he was, but I realized  that if I panicked and became frightened, I would be either dead or seriously wounded.

Early on in my life, I had the natural ability to visualize a particular situation or circumstance and attach a positive outcome to it...

I can see myself in action when I'm in this state of consciousness and in real life, I am instantly certain of what I must do or not do in a given situation.

In the circumstance above, with that guy holding me at gunpoint, my mind recieved the instruction to "Just listen to him calmly.", so I took a quiet but deep breath and did so...

The man said that his brother had been shot to death on the street, his wife had left him and he was out of work with no income. He wanted to kill himself and take somebody with him, too.

I told him about my own circumstances, and about how life certainly can outright suck, but I wanted another chance to try to break even.

I told him about how I loved life and asked him if he ever did... all of sudden his face went calm and he started talking about happier times and I subtly encouraged him to continue...

By the time he was finished, tears were streaming down both of our faces and he put the gun away and apologised.

I thanked him for giving me another chance to make life right again (We really can if we try) and shook his hand warmly, turned and walked away...

I didn't look back at him as I turned the corner and my knees buckled from adrenalin, which happily behaved itself during that life or death moment.

Not all of the circumstance need be as dramatic as that but if you are getting my drift, a calm posture can help you seize control of yourself in all situations...

Such as when I won a $5000.00 jackpot in Atlantic City and while my date was jumping up and down with delight, I remained cool and calm. As I waited to get paid, I decided to play the slot machine next to the one I had just hit and, you guessed it, I won another $500.00!

I n such preparation for success, you are sowing seeds for the eventual actualization of your desired outcome.

I do simple things such as visiting a luxury car lot and seeing the vehicle that I want to own one day.

I hold that image in my head and imagine that I'm driving it, and it's totally paid for, and I'm actually making money for driving it.

Then I go looking for resource
s on the Internet that can help me accomplish this goal. Yes, Dear Reader, such programs do exist!

Act for yourself by affiliating with the things that you want to own and then proceed to find ways to sell more products and reach your goal.

Maintain the attitude of a wealthy person who has just spotted an opportunity to get something that he or she desires.

You will eventually be successful at obtaining whatever you wish because there's always a way to do so... even without money! :)

I'm gathering ways and means for people to get at their dreams on my website:

I welcome your visit and comments, if you care to leave them.

I am a Resource Officer by nature, by training and circumstance. I feel that it is to my benefitand profit to help other people get what they desire and my life is really dedicated to that purpose.

I feel wholly that everything that I do in the service of others and in service of myself is an outright Act Of Love, and as such it will be an action of quality with positive results.

May Blessings abound for you and yours, and may you always have the Energy, Will and Power to go after and actualize your dreams and desires... and stay prepared for success! :)

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Member's comment

Lisa G.  Apr 23rd, 2009
Awwh, thank you so much Jeff!!! :D

peaceful  Apr 21st, 2009
Lisa G.: As always, great article Peaceful! You are a real gem, and we are so fortunate to have you here on
If I'm a Gem, you are a Diamond Girl! LOL! :)

This old article was posted in the INTUIT contest... I'm glad that you enjoyed it! :)

Lisa G.  Apr 21st, 2009
As always, great article Peaceful!
You are a real gem, and we are so fortunate to have you here on Apsense!


peaceful  Sep 12th, 2008
So glad that you liked it, Cheryl! :)

It's been hiding for two years, and I thought this would be the perfect place for it's re-emergence....

It's funny that although I wrote this over two years ago, I had forgotten about it! :)

It's got a Timeliness about it that I really enjoy sharing! :)

pplcheryl63  Sep 12th, 2008
Great article!

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