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Are Juggernaut links interfering with your affiliate URLs?

Posted Date: Nov 18th, 2008 11:59 | Hits: 254
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  • Karen Taylor
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I ask in all sincerity. I joined Web Traffic Juggernaut right after it launched and have used "juggernaut" links in several traffic exchanges. I've since discovered that my Juggernaut link to my FreebieForce affiliate site causes my customized page not to be displayed, but rather a generic one. Because I don't know if I'm losing the affiliate link, I've removed them. I contacted WTJ and they say (in essence) it's not their fault. Has anyone here used a Juggernaut link to a FreebieForce CUSTOMIZED page (if you haven't customized your page, you wouldn't be able to tell) and discovered that somewhere along the line, something's being lost? Also, with another page, I had someone tell me they could not complete the opt-in form because "something was on top of it". Well, that had to be the Juggernaut floating box. I know it has a "Close" button, but has anyone else had this problem? Are you getting click-throughs from your Juggernaut ads? Thanks, Karen

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Are Juggernaut links interfering with your affiliate URLs? Nov 18th, 2008 11:59

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pghseomarketing  Nov 20th, 2008
Hi Karen, no, I am not noticing that problem, though I am watching this service as I am new to it and want to make sure that I am getting more than I would with a surf site. BTW - FreebieForce is cool :)

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