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Creating A Splash Page

Posted Date: Oct 24th, 2008 11:06 | Hits: 387
Info Page: affiliate programs com
  • Wendy
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Hi Again,

This is a follow on article to my previous one "do you surf on Traffic Exchanges" I suggest that it would be beneficial to you to read that one first if you haven’t already done so.

Last time I talked about why You Need to have a Splash Page, and why it really does need to be both Original and Individual to both You and Your Business.

What I want to discuss now is exactly how this splash page should be structured and made for best results.

Firstly I would like to say that there are two different types of Splash Page you can use effectively on Traffic Exchanges, I will call them “Qualified” and “Unqualified”. In Both Cases the Page should not measure any bigger than 800 pixels wide x 500 pixels tall, a little smaller is actually better if you have room to get your message across effectively on it.

The reason for this sizing is that there are still a lot of people out there using an 800 resolution screen size, and if they cannot see the whole page on their screens without having to scroll then your splash is not going to be effective to them.

The Print on any Splash Page should always be Bold and easy to read at a glance, keep the text short and snappy, and never overcrowd it with too much information or it simply won’t get read.

Graphics can be an effective tool when used to enhance your message, but don’t use flashy irrelevant graphics as the eye will be drawn to the graphic first rather than your message and it will detract from what you are trying to convey.

Qualified Splash Page: – I would define this as a short eye-catching page which clearly states exactly what program or website it is Promoting, with a couple of “slogans” about the benefits of joining or at least taking a look. It is often a good idea to use a picture or logo if you have one relevant to the site. another good Idea is to put your own picture on this type of Splash Page because by doing so you will very quickly become familiar to all the other users who are looking at it and will in doing so “Brand Yourself”.

One word of caution with this though is that you want your branding to suggest that you are an Experienced, Serious and Knowledgeable Internet Marketer. So don’t join and put your picture out there for every rubbish program that starts up. Use your Branding photo only on programs or sites where you have gained a little experience, and you are sure that you really want to be associated with them.

Once you have established a particular picture as your branding photo, Do Not Change It! Even if it is a few years old, it doesn’t matter, that is the picture which everyone knows you by!

Unqualified Splash Page: – This tends to be very popular on Traffic Exchanges, It usually doesn’t give any indication whatsoever about the Program or Website which it applies to, It merely gives One or More reason why it would be beneficial for the reader to click on it.

This type of page will result in a far higher ratio of clicks, and is useful for getting your site seen, but it will produce a lower ratio of actual signups or sales because the people clicking it may or may not have any interest at all in what you are promoting.

If You Already Have a very Strong and Reputable Profile on the Internet then your personal picture may be useful because those who know you will click to see what you are doing now, but if your public image is not that strong yet I wouldn’t recommend using a picture on this anonymous type of page.

Personally When I am Promoting a new Venture, I like to have one of each type of splash, as they are both very useful in their own ways.

ADDITIONAL NOTE Sorry Forgot to mention this so am adding it at the bottom. You do of course have to link your splash page to your website or affiliate url. Do Not expect people to take the time to look for a “Click Here” on a splash page, it is much more effective to make the entire page clickable.

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Member's comment

Wendy  Oct 24th, 2008
great to have you here Lisa, and please feel free to ask questions if I haven't explained anything well enough.

Lisa G.  Oct 24th, 2008
Thank you for the invite to your group, Wendy.
You have lots of wonderful information, instructions, and examples!
I'm looking forward to learning a lot in this group! :D

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