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Do You Surf on Traffic Exchanges?

Posted Date: Oct 18th, 2008 13:12 | Hits: 467
Info Page: affiliate internet marketing tip
  • Wendy
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People who surf on traffic exchanges are mostly there just trying to clock up credits in order to show their own ads, which is why the ratio of actual clickthrus compared to the number of views which you will get on these will always be extremely low.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not criticising traffic exchanges, I use them a lot myself and they are a very good way to get your site seen by lots of people. They will also generate high numbers of hits to your site which helps to improve your search engine and Alexa rankings.

If you want to Effectively Promote any product or service by using Traffic Exchanges, You need to have an Original and Individual Splash Page to use. It doesn’t matter what it is you are promoting, or if it is your own or belonging to an affiliate program, having an original splash is the only effective way to do it.

Why? I hear you ask....

Well, if you are promoting your own website or product then obviously it is going to be individual and original anyway, but displaying your home page (or any other web site page) on a traffic exchange is a complete waste of time. Even the few people who do actually surf only one site at a time and watch the pages as they go through will only have 10 to 15 seconds to look at that page before they can click again and pass on to the next one, and the truth of the matter is that most people will never give your page more than a moments glance because they want to click 6 or 7 other traffic exchange sites during that 10 seconds. There simply isn’t enough time for anyone to take in the volume of information which is normally included on any web Site page.

If you are Promoting for an Affiliate Site, you may well have been provided with a Splash Page which has been designed especially to be shown on traffic exchanges, but then so has every other affiliate of that company. If the same page is being shown hundreds of times every day by hundreds of different people then it is going to become very boring very quickly. You could argue that there are newcomers joining the internet marketing community every day and they at least won’t have seen this page a million times before, but with this page being shown by hundreds of others as well, what are the chances of Your affiliate page being the one that they might click?

Work it out for yourself!

The Only Solution to these problems is to have your own Splash Page which is different to all the others.

Now that you know why you need a splash page if you want to make traffic exchanges work for you, my next article will be about how it should be made and what should be included on it.

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Member's comment

shaddock67  Nov 28th, 2010
Thats what I do, use splash pages, for some of the affiliates that I belong to. For the traffic exchanges, manual or automatic the splash pages has grown my downline quite a bit. Without that it is that much harder to be noticed.

Gopakumar R  Nov 27th, 2010
You are right, Wendy. If you are serious about web traffic and conversion; your site must have its own unique identity to standout from the crowd.

sidegiggs  Dec 26th, 2009
this is a very informative article. i have been trying to figure out a way to make it so my pages are actually seen.

Lisa G.  Nov 3rd, 2008
I love looking at things from different angles and getting fresh ideas.
Now, to learn how to do a splash page. :)
Thanks for the information.

Bjantiques  Oct 28th, 2008
This is very sound advice, it is vital you make yourself stand out from the crowd by using your own slach / capture pages.

Ashok  Oct 24th, 2008
You are right.

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