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About Me: Hello! My name is JJ Hiller, and I wasn't always a Professional Online Marketer...

I used to work in a 100,000 square foot manufacturing facility housing nine thermoforming cells. I was a regular slave to the graveyard shift and I just wasn't utilizing my talents efficiently. That's when I started to realize that my boss could not put a price on my TIME anymore, so I put in my final two-week resignation letter and I was gone - just like that - never once looking back.
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Getting ready to relocate...
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Launched my new site using video.
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Lisa G.  Oct 17th   Report Spam
Happy Birthday!!! :-)
Jeunelle  Mar 15th   Report Spam
Hello JJ
Looking over at all the Twitter links I can see that yours is not clickable like the others. Please repost your twitter links again and make sure that they are clickable. Thank you
Coach Gia  Feb 6th   Report Spam
Hi JJ just stopping by to say hi!

Have a great weekend,

pplcheryl63  Jan 21st   Report Spam
A new photo, nice I love to see big beautiful bright smiles on the faces of our members!
Lisa G.  Jan 20th   Report Spam
Hi. Thanks so much for the friend request.
Nice to meet you. Looking forward to knowing more about you and your biz.
Coach Gia  Jan 12th   Report Spam
Hi JJ thanks for the friend request! Looking forward to getting to know you.

glnagy  Jan 11th   Report Spam
Cool, well if you need anything let me know.
BigRocky99  Jan 10th   Report Spam
THANKS for your friend request AND your interest in my photography. I have just APPROVED your request
glnagy  Jan 9th   Report Spam
Thanks JJ, hope you're enjoying the site! :)
dphelps77  Jan 8th   Report Spam
Hi JJ thanks you for wanting to be my friend. Maybe you can help me sometime and give me some pointers. Talk soon,and again thanks

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