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About Me: My name is Alex Wrobel and I am from the windy city. I started in network marketing when I was 15 (helping my father of course). Although my father did try, he never did quite have any success in network marketing, therefore we gave it up and moved out to bigger better things. For 2 years I ran my own leather goods website and made a fairly decent living with it. Although I was making good enough money with my website, I decided that it was not right for me. Now I am back in MLM for good.
Mar 24th
Mar 23rd
Mar 22nd
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Brand New Blog
Mar 22nd
Hi everyone,   I have been working on a new blog, and finally got my new one up and almost finished.  The design is set, its just the content that is not...
Mar 22nd
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Watching Lie to Me
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Happy birthday, Alex! :) Glad to see you taking a run at another year of success! :)
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Happy Birthday Alex
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congrats on getting the top ten certification for the second month in a row
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Congratulations 2 months in a row as a Top Ten member!
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I wish you happy new year!!!Alex
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hello,can we be friend,
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Congratulations on being one of the first to get the Top Ten Contributer Award
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Hi Alex,

How you doin? Thanks for the add! ;) Nice profile. Wow, a multi-millionaire next month.. Coolio! All the best to you.. :D

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Hello Alex

One minor change to our Twitter Group
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I will be deleting all member links from Who's Who On Twitter".

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