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About Me: I had been in the corporate world for years and quickly realized that I did not want to spend the rest of my life relying on other people to provide me a paycheck.

I am fortunate enough to be able to operate my business from home. I have three daughters (one is a teacher in Texas, and two-step daughters--one that still lives with us full-time and the other one who just graduated from high school and is a freshman in college).

As you can tell, we have a very hectic lifestyle. I wanted to be in a position that would allow me to take my laptop with me anywhere in the world and stay connected to my business. We live in Virginia but hope to one day move to another state.

My husband and I love boating, the ocean, the beach, motorcyle riding and we would like to be able to upgrade to a bigger boat some day and cruise around the Caribbean.

My philosophy is that Network Marketing is a teaching and mentoring business. It is a relationship business. The relationship IS the process. It IS Network Marketing.

I wish you every success in your journey..wherever that road may lead you.

Your Friend For Life,


"Become A Mentor With A Servant's Heart"
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Happy Birthday, Diane! :)
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Happy Birthday Dianne!! Enjoy your day!!
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Happy Birthday Dianne
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Happy Birthday, Dianne! :) Lotsa Laffs and Great Business Advice come with the package, so don't be shy! :)
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I know I have been absent from here; sorry.
Business getting into high gear and many networking friends to stay up with; whewwwwww
I get soooo behind.

How are you and how's busin
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Welcome to APSense. Looking forward to your posts and sharing information with you.
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Hi Dianne hope you get all settled in.
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welcome to APSense 2.0

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