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About Me: I'm a teacher & coach by trade and happily married. I have always had a passion for working with others and learning. I left the teaching profession to learn about the financial world and I soon realized the money is generated by using the system. I now assist others in creating and fine-tuning a system that will create additional income, time, and security in their lives (and I do this for FREE). By helping others to reach their goals and dreams, I am also able to reach mine.
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Alex Wrobel  Dec 1st   Report Spam
Yes Sir. Cubs all the way. Cubs=life

We are going to do it soon, I keep getting so upset every year. I think that all us Cubs fans need to be genuinely positive and then, we will win the WS
Alex Wrobel  Nov 30th   Report Spam
Thanks for the add. I am a die hard Cubbies Fan!
pplcheryl63  Nov 28th   Report Spam
Welcome to the site, looking forward to reading your completed profile

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