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About Me: I'm just an ordinary Gal who specializes in helping others achieve their goals on and offline by providing many quality products and services to those in need! I have (5) beautiful children and grandchildren, an awesome husband, and my health and sanity are in tact! (Cross My Fingers...LOL)....Yeah....Life Is Good!

This is a "No Whining Zone" So All you Naysayers beware, or you'll get a kick in the pants for your own good! Y'all come back now...ya hear? And stay empowered!
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Jan Green  Jan 24th   Report Spam
Hello ~ visiting :)
Jeunelle  Dec 31st   Report Spam
Hello Kareema
Please post your twitter link where it says
Official Apsense Twitter Follow - Attention Members
that is the correct place to post the link. Thank you
Coach Gia  Dec 21st   Report Spam
Hi Kareema thanks for friends request! Looking forward to getting to know you.

glnagy  Dec 18th   Report Spam
Wow...dare I ask what area of the pants you kicked them in? LOL! :)
Kareema  Dec 18th   Report Spam
Hi Garnet...You'll be happy to know that I just kicked someone in the pants!,,,LOL (not online though), Thanks for being my friend and have a very blessed and peaceful evening!

kaphoen  Dec 15th   Report Spam
Kareema, bonjour. Anything worth doing well, always has a cost.

Something for nothing, is only worth that... nothing.
glnagy  Dec 14th   Report Spam
Hi Kareema, thanks for the add and welcome to the site! Looking forward to seeing you dish out those kicks...Lol

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